5 Reasons why you should stop eating Tilapia Fish ASAP

A few years ago doctors were advising us to eat fish to fulfill our protein needs. They feared that the rise in intake of the red meat would result in increased cholesterol and associated diseases. So they promoted fish as the healthiest, most sustainable way to get more protein.

Following that source, the farming of Tilapia began in the USA because of its affordability. Tilapia originated in the native lakes of Africa and currently farmed in Asia and Latin America at an affordable price. But now health experts are warning everyone to stay away from consuming Tilapia.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stop eating Tilapia fish.

#5 Harmful for the environment.


Due to the fish quick breeding capability, many individuals have kept producing Tilapia fish without regards to the environment. As per Berkeley Wellness, ‘Fish farms, when not properly managed have adverse effects on the environment – which include the polluting of water and the spread of disease to wild fish when farmed fish escape their pens.’

#4 High ‘bad-fat’ content.


Wild Tilapias eat water plants and algae but the farmed ones are fattened with corn and soy pellets. Although they quickly put on weight, the meat they produce contains harmful fatty acids. A North Carolina-based University revealed that Tilapia fish contains Omega-6 type fat – that is higher than that of a hamburger or bacon.

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#3 Farmed Tilapias contain harmful chemicals.


Farmed Tilapia are dosed with antibiotics and kept in pesticide-laden water to protect them from sea lice. Some Tilapias have tested positive for dibutyltin – a chemical used in PVC plastics and identified as the possible cause of the rise of obesity, allergies, and many other metabolic disorders.

#2 Many farmed Tilapias are given bad feed.


There have been solid reports that Tilapia from overcrowded farms often eat their own waste. In China, they are fed the waste materials from pigs and geese. This contaminated feed contains microbes like salmonella and it’s safe to say, no waste is safe for your health.

#1 They may cause cancer.


Mismanaged tilapia farms often contain a high-level carcinogen called Dioxin. It takes decades to flush out Dioxin leftovers. 

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