5 Simple Relationship Truth Everyone Must Know About


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Many people fantasize about what their relationships will be like. Often ideas come from movies, fiction stories or poems. However, fantasy is NOT reality, and fairytale endings rarely happen in real life. The unending images and stories of “picture perfect” relationships skews our sense of reality, creating an unhealthy obsession with something that we may never truly achieve

We here at FeedFond are presenting you with 5 must-know relationship facts to make you feel better about your own relationship…

#5 Passion is just a small part.

A good spark is necessary for starting a relationship, but that’s not all you should be paying attention to. Every relationship starts with passion, but pay attention to the safety and comfort you feel with the person you are with. Trust is more important than the passion for a relationship to grow stronger.

#4 Having different interests is perfectly normal.  

Personal growth in a relationship is vitally important. While there are relationships where couples share common interests, it’s okay to have different interests. Do you like scuba and he likes playing the guitar? No problem. Having different hobbies than your partner will not only make the conversations livelier, it will also make you attractive in your partner’s eyes.


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#3 There are fights in every relationship.

In a relationship, you will definitely face situations where differences in personalities will result in fights. Some would even go as far to say that couples that never fight don’t care for each other. Understanding and compromising with your partner is essential to any relationship. That said, NEVER tolerate abuse. Read more on How to make up after a fight.

#2 Not everyone will approve (and you don’t need them to).

The relationship that you and your partner built sometimes may not be acceptable to others… including close friends and relatives.The solution is finding a balance so that nobody gets offended by your behavior. Good communication and respecting them respecting your boundaries also helps.

#1 Together Forever – is a myth.

Spending an eternity with your partner may sound like a dream, but the reality doesn’t always pan out that way. Happy couples sometimes part ways due to various reasons. Partners understand and give each other personal space. Like Ross, everyone needs a break from regular family duties. Personal space doesn’t mean the absence of love; it’s sometimes vitally important to the longevity of the relationship.  

If you have any other relationship facts then let us know! And read this to have a happy relationship!


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