14 Things About Your Relationship Not To Share on Social Media

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There are highs and lows in all relationships. It’s important to be very clear with your partner about which parts are okay to share on social media and which should remain private.  Before you hit the “post” button, always ask your partner whether or not they are comfortable with making things public.

Scroll down to read about some types of posts that should NEVER be shared on social media.

#14 The bedroom scenario

There’s simply no need to give the details of what goes on in the bedroom—don’t “kiss and tell”. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can text your partner steamy pictures or words; however, posting these on the social media is tacky and immature. It’s likely your partner will not appreciate you sharing intimate details on the social media; this could damage the trust in your relationship.

#13 Personal details

While your partner may feel most comfortable snuggling with her childhood teddy bear, she may not appreciate you sharing this private, personal information on social media. Everybody likes to keep some things about themselves from the outside world and this should be respected. The personality you show at the workplace is different from what your partner sees when you let your guard down at home. So, some personal details are best kept within the boundaries of your relationship. Keep these kinds of things just between the two of you.

#12 Keep the mushy stuff to yourselves


You may have pet names or perhaps you use your own “language” to express love to each other. As with other little secrets, let these be your own. Sharing them on the social media will not gain your relationship any respect or trust. If anything, it will decrease the unique connection in your relationship. The little secrets keep the flame alive and once shared with the entire world, they lose their special value.

#11 Unapproved pictures of your partner

Imagine you take a picture of your partner sleeping with their mouth wide open, thinking it’s cute. Well, what may look cute to you may be a picture they really dislike. So, spare them the pain and embarrassment and get your partner to approve pictures before you make an irreparable mistake.

#10 Lover’s spat

Another thing that partners post on social media is their private spat. What goes on between you and your partner should be kept within yourselves. Unless it’s so blown out that you need professional counseling. All couples have their spats once in a while. It’s up to you to smooth things out without involving friends and family on the social media. They are bound to take your side and after a while, when you’ve made up with your partner, you’ll regret having washed your dirty laundry on social media. Your loved ones may not get over it so easily.

#9 Kissing and making out selfies

Nobody wants to look at your kissing selfies. It’s in extremely poor taste to capture intimate moments and post them on social media. Nobody really wants to see that. It looks tacky, especially to elders and your parents. In addition, if there are single friends on your friends’ list, they won’t feel great looking at how perfect your relationship is going while they are struggling to get one off the ground.

#8 Mean jokes

Only you know your partner well enough to understand how jokes go down with them. While the context of making mean jokes may be different in your home setting, it may come across with a completely different meaning on social media. The public will not know the context and different people will derive different meanings. Why expose your partner to unnecessary jabs? Keep things private.

#7 Flaunting gifts

A lot of couples post pictures of expensive gifts they have received from their beau. However, this is another action that lacks tact. Flashing pictures of expensive gifts will not only make many on your friends list feel down because they can’t afford these, it will also attract unnecessary attention to your wealth. Best to keep flashy things under wraps.

#6 Passive-aggressive notes


People post suggestive notes about their partner on social media. They say something that’s aggressive without naming names. For the average person, it’s simply a matter of putting two and two together. Everyone senses that the note is about your partner, even if you haven’t made it overt. How you solve your relationship problems is solely your concern. Talk things out with your partner. Don’t invite unsolicited advice from people who don’t know enough about your relationship.

#5 Stop posting for validation

The number of likes and shares are not a measure of how successful your relationship is. Don’t seek validation from the world outside. Moreover, posting positive pictures and words about your relationship can harm it. You may end up feeling that you always have to keep up a pretense of a lovey-dovey relationship even when things may go awry.

#4 Negativity about in-laws

Karma will come right back at you. Refrain from posting anything negative about your in-laws. They are—after all—your partner’s family. It will not only hurt your partner; it will also create awkward moments at family gatherings in the future.

#3 Ultrasound pictures


Another social media mistake is posting pictures of your fetus. Or, anything inside your body for that matter. Wait until the second trimester to make an announcement on social media. Words are enough to make an announcement without attaching a photo of an ultrasound.

#2 Details of your break-up

If you want to vent your anger about your recent break-up, do so in the company of your closest friends. Not on social media, though. You and your ex-partner may share common friends and if you post details about your break-up story, your friends may be forced to take sides. Besides, you will damage your self-image and self-worth if you start slinging mud at your ex on social media.  

#1 Don’t post every single thing


Couples are encouraged to post pictures of special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. However, if you share everything from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you are cuddling with your partner at night, things become tedious. Nobody needs to see a play-by-play. Everyone out there has a life of their own—there’s no need to share about basic, day-to-day activities.So, no need to post every little thing you do or don’t do with your partner on social media. Current and potential employers turn to social media to gauge the personality of a candidate and so, it’s best to keep your posts sensible and rational.

Share your thoughts with us about posting relationship details on the social media. Put down your views in the Comments section below. You may also like to read Top 7 Reasons Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship On Social Media.


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