Alleviate Your Body Pains: Choosing the Right Firmness for Your Mattress

Choosing the Right Firmness for Your Mattress

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It is often quite overwhelming to choose the best mattress for your unique requirements. If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain or shoulder pain, your job becomes doubly difficult.

You are confused with multiple factors such as firmness levels, sizes, price tags, and materials, etc. It is best not to spend your hard-earned money on a mattress without knowing about the things to consider while buying a new mattress to eliminate your body pain issues.

The Inevitable Relationship between Pain & Sleep

Everyone needs a minimum of eight hours of sound sleep every single night. If you are suffering from chronic back pain or other chronic diseases, it may become mandatory to sleep more so that you are well-rested and fully-functional when you wake up the next morning.

Restorative sleep is essential to promote health and happiness as that gives your body an opportunity to repair itself, release new hormones, and create muscle tissues.

The pain you are experiencing may be described aptly as jabbing, stabbing, throbbing, aching, or burning but often it becomes really challenging to identify the right mattress that would trigger adequate restorative sleep to alleviate your body pains and aches.

Tossing and turning on your bed every night could have its toll on your health. You would wake up next morning frustrated, irritable, and apparently with more pain.

What Physicians Has to Say

Some physicians are of the opinion that sleep disorders have a strong connection with the painful condition referred to as fibromyalgia.

In some chronic illness communities, chronic pain and poor sleep pattern are often categorized as ‘painsomnia’. It is your inability to obtain good sleep because of a painful health issue.

However, your mattress could successfully break this vicious cycle and put an end to painful sleepless nights. Focus on choosing the right mattress for alleviating your body aches and pains.

Do not forget to examine the customer reviews of mattresses online to guide you while making the right choice.

Firm Mattress Isn’t Always Better Though

A recent study was conducted by Oklahoma State University conducted on a group of people. They were asked to replace their mattresses every five years. The study then showed a significant decrease in back pain.

Several chronic pain sufferers repeatedly have been advised to use a firm mattress for alleviating pain. However, a recent study revealed that a firm mattress may not be the right choice on all occasions while trying to reduce pain and enhance your sleep quality.

That’s why Some experts recommend only hard and firm mattresses for alleviating pain issues.

You must choose the degree of firmness for your mattress relying on your individual preference for it. However, another way of choosing the best mattress for you would be to use your usual sleep positions for identifying the right firmness level for your mattress.

Identifying the Right Firmness of Your Mattress

So, how would you choose the right firmness of your mattress? Have a look at these tips.

  • Stomach sleepers must choose medium to firm mattresses so that your pelvis and hips do not go below the level of your shoulders that could strain your spine.
  • Side sleepers may use a softer mattress. Maybe they can use a topper for better sleep results. This would help by putting relatively less pressure on just your single arm, shoulder, or hip.
  • Use weight as the determining factor for the firmness of your mattress. People with more weight must opt for firmer mattresses.
  • Back sleepers could opt for mattresses with whatever firmness they desire as their body weight is evenly distributed over a relatively larger surface area.
  • Your individual preference is the most important factor in choosing the mattress’s firmness level. Choose a mattress that really feels comfortable and good for your body.


Before buying a new mattress, you may want to rotate or flip your present mattress. We suggest you go for a mattress trial offer before buying the new one so that you know which one will you the most comfortable sleep and a healthy backbone.


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