Which Type of Mattress Topper is Perfect for your Health?

Types of Mattress Toppers

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Do you know a single person who doesn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep? Proper and peaceful sleep is vital for you to function accordingly at work and in daily life in general.

Amongst other things, a good mattress topper plays a huge role in achieving a comfortable night’s sleep and maintaining a healthy backbone.

After reading this article, you’ll hopefully get a clearer idea about which type will be the right kind for you.  

What are Mattress Toppers?

Mattress Toppers

As the name suggests, a mattress topper is loose bedding that sits on top of your mattress. If you feel like your mattress is too hard or too soft, a mattress topper is an easy way to add extra comfort and support.

Mattress toppers are also used to prolong the life of your mattress by minimizing the pressure put on the spring. So, for full support, more comfort and extended shelf life, people tend to use a mattress topper.  

Difference Between Mattress Toppers and Protectors

Mattress Toppers and Protectors Differences

Many people often get confused with the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress protector.   

The mattress topper is, as explained, the extra cushioning on top of your mattress, whereas the mattress protector is a thin layer or cover on top of your mattress or mattress topper that protects it from stains, fluids, dust etc.

Mattress pads are often considered the same as mattress toppers. But it’s actually thinner than a topper, offering a small amount of cushioning to the main mattress or it comes with added mattress protection features along with it.

The best option is to use a mattress and mattress topper together for a cozy, long-lasting bed and a good night’s rest.

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Variations of Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers Variations

You can categorize mattress toppers into different types based on their materials. Here we’ll mention a few so that you can choose the perfect one for you:

#1. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Amongst all the mattresses available out there, the one you’ve probably heard of the most is a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are made of polyurethane with chemically enhanced density. With thinner layers and additional support, these products ensure a sound sleep.

Benefits  Drawbacks
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Great support
  • Conforms to your body shape and weight
  • Reduces motion or friction
  • Quite heavy
  • Hotter than regular mattresses
  • Odor, if mattresses aren’t aired properly

#2. Latex Foam Mattress Toppers

Made of natural, synthetic rubbers, latex foam mattresses are popularly known to be the odor, dust, and mite free. These type of toppers are easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits Drawbacks 
  • Long lasting
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Temperature neutral
  • Bounces back in shape
  • Expensive
  • Transfers motion
  • Not as pressure relieving as memory foam

#3. Feather Mattress Toppers

If comfort is your biggest priority, then feather toppers are the perfect fit for you. Ideally known for their firmness and softness, these cozy winter friendly mattress toppers will give you that luxurious feel.

Benefits  Drawbacks 
  • Perfect for winter
  • Super Cozy
  • Doesn’t retain heat
  • Creates squeaky noises
  • Feather shafts can cause disturbance  
  • Might cause an allergy

#4. Wool Mattress Toppers

Designed with natural materials, wool mattress toppers are specially made with fleece, alpaca wool, and wool blends. The best quality wool toppers can be pretty hard to find but they’re worth the effort if softness and comfort is your concern.

Benefits Drawbacks
  • Temperature changes over time
  • Best for relaxation
  • Durable
  • Naturally allergy free
  • Pretty expensive
  • Mild odor

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Mattress Toppers – Why Do You Need One?

Mattress Toppers - Why Do You Need One?

After everything we’ve discussed mattress toppers, now you need to make the decision: is it worth investing in one?

Well, it’s pretty evident that if you use a mattress for an extended period of time, it tends to flatten out or become uncomfortable. Since you sleep in it every night, you might get even get used to this as the effect can be gradual and hard to notice.

But when you do start noticing it, it’s usually too late, once you’ve developed back pain over time.

So, do you think it’s worth risking your health when you can get the full level of comfort just by spending a little more money? We do.

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Can you Customize Mattress Toppers?

Mattress Toppers Customization

The answer is yes, you can. It’s absolutely possible to customize your mattress topper.

If you’re a couple who sleeps on the same bed and you have different preferences, you can adjust your mattresses at two levels of firmness. Just add a topper on one side of the bed and tadaaa! Problem solved.

See the magic of memory foam toppers? These are pretty handy in situations this. Also, you’ll have the soundest sleep as you won’t be disturbed by the movements of your partner.

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What About the Disadvantages of Using Toppers?

Disadvantages of Using mattress Toppers

Every coin has a flip side, and it’s unavoidable. There may be some disadvantages of having a mattress topper, so it’s only fair that we discuss these too! Some users have complained that they didn’t feel much of a difference in their quality of sleep using a topper.

But then again, a mattress topper isn’t going to revolutionize sleep simply by putting it on top of an old mattress. Mattress toppers work best when used with a new mattress from the very beginning.

There have also been complaints about an odd odor that’s present in brand new toppers. The smell usually diminishes in a few days; in rare cases a week. But, if you’re still concerned about the smell then leave it outside or on your balcony for a couple of days before you start using it again.

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What Else Can you Use Mattress Toppers for?

Alternate Usage of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are very flexible which makes them a great space saver. They can also be used for guest’s beds when they come over to stay the night. Simply set up a sofa bed and use the mattress topper on top. Then you can fold it up and put it in the cupboard the next day when they’re gone. Simple!

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Mattress toppers are very sleeper friendly and they extend the shelf life of your existing mattress at a much more reasonable cost than buying a new one. They’re the perfect solution for a cozy night’s sleep and they add extra support for your back as well. It’s a win-win!

While there are a few disadvantages of a mattress topper, we feel the pros far outweigh the cons and paying a little extra for this is worth the investment in the long run. We hope that we have given you all the information you need to make a decision about purchasing a mattress topper for yourself. Happy sleeping!   

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