‘Prime’ – The Rottweiler That Brings Joy And Happiness To Cancer Patients

Dogs are more than just pets. To many, they’re loved and cherished family members that we grow and share our most treasured memories with.  They also know how we feel and respond accordingly. I mean, how many times has your dog curled up to you when you felt sad? Their warm company chased away loneliness and their playfulness uplifted your mood?

We wanted to share the story of Prime – a dog who is not only big in size but also big on the matters of the heart. We talked to his owner Julie McKeever to learn more about him and were pleasantly surprised to the very special role he plays in the community.

‘Prime’ the Rottweiler…


When we asked Julie about Prime, she replied, “Prime is a fully certified therapy dog and he goes to Fox Chase Cancer Center every week and he goes around and visits all of the patients before they get chemo and for doctor’s appointments and he also visits the staff. The staff enjoys him as much as the patients do!”

Prime visits the Cancer center and he exerts a calm influence on the patients there. People pet him and he is a great source of conversation. People talk about dogs and their good memories of their own dogs. The overall mood of the room is lifted when he appears. A lot of people also want to know how a Rottweiler became a therapy dog. People sometimes have unfavorable, or biased opinions about this breed and a big part of what Julie and Prime do is educate people about Rottweilers.

Is a fully certified therapy dog…


“That they’re not a breed for everyone, but when you do your research and find a good breeder or a reputable rescue, you can certainly find a dog that works for you and your family. And they are busy! They’re a working dog. And a therapy dog may not look like a lot of work, but it is work. You have to want to do things with your dog—your Rottweiler doesn’t want to be outside by himself. They are family dogs and want to be with you all the time,” Julie said describing the breed.

And makes cancer patients smile for a living.


She denied to Prime didn’t receive any sort of special training to be a therapy dog. Julie firmly believes that therapy dogs are born, not trained. No amount of training can teach you to be so patient and so tolerant. Prime enjoys the attention and loves everyone.

We can now safely quote Optimus Prime and say – They truly are so much more than meets the eye!  

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