Russian Photographer Captures An Elderly Couple To Show That Love Transcends Time

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Does love transcend time? I believe it does. In this modern world full of fragile relationships it’s rare to see a relationship that love overcomes all odds. Although these relationships are few in number, they do exist in the real world and outside of fairy tales and Hollywood films.

Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova captured such a story with her camera which made everyone in the set cry. The shoot, which was a performance by Sergei, 45 years old and Valentine, 62 years old, improvised on stage for this beautiful love story. These pictures spread like wildfire on Facebook and other social media platforms. Sergei and Valentine aren’t familiar with one another but they managed to capture the hearts of thousands around the globe.

These pictures portray a single message – ‘My body may have become old and frail, but my love for you burns like the day we first met.’

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