Advice From Salon Worker Saves A Woman’s Life

Everyone loves being pampered and wants to feel beautiful. Naturally, as human beings, we tend to take pride in caring for our bodies and part of doing so is visiting salons. Visits are usually very relaxing; we generally end up feeling special, relaxed and enjoy being the center of attention. People also visit salons to hide little imperfections and to boost their self-esteem, feeling more comfortable with others. 

One woman went to a salon wanting to hide a dark vertical line across her nail bed. The woman went to a salon where Lisa Harrison Williams works. She wanted Williams to paint her nails darker than the color of the line in order to hide it.

On striking up a conversation with the lady, Williams found out that her client had done it before and other manicurists dismissed the line, writing it off as a normal discoloration due to either a calcium deficiency or heredity factor. However, Williams was not convinced. She asked the woman to visit a doctor for a second opinion and be sure about what was causing the discoloration in her nail.

A few days later, the client called Williams and told her the heartbreaking news that the nail aberration was due to subungual melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer specific to the nail bed.

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Generally, any kind of cell that is faulty will be naturally eliminated from our bodies. If for some reason these cells are not eradicated, they multiply and form a tumor. Tumors are the first indicators of most cancers—but not skin cancer. The indications of skin cancer are usually skin issues which can frequently be dismissed as minor—these include rashes and discoloration of the skin.

Tumors are not the first indicators of skin cancer!

Unlike other melanomas, subungual melanoma is not caused by the sun. Instead, it is caused by some form of trauma. Its symptoms include pigmentation and brittle nails which eventually crack. If you have these symptoms, it is important to get it checked early. There’s a high likelihood it will metastasize and spread to other areas as well. However, it can be treated through the removal of the affected tissue.

In order to understand if a discoloration or abnormality of the skin is a minor issue or not, it is best to have it looked at by a doctor. After all, there is no harm in getting it checked—better safe than sorry.

Williams shared the story on Facebook and her post quickly went viral. At FeedFond, we can safely say that we must never neglect what our body is trying to tell us. If something doesn’t feel right, double check and get the advice of a healthcare professional.

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