13 Codes For Your Cell Phones That Will Reveal Secret Functions

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We all now have a phone in our pockets. It might be a smartphone or a simple cellular phone with basic functions.

While we are familiar with the general settings available inside the phone box, there are many more functions available if you press certain key combinations.

There are thousands of these codes: some work with a specific brand or model, some only for basic or smartphones and the rest are universal.

Check out the popular and most interesting combinations the FeedFond team has gathered. Try out different combinations and tell us how it helped you!   

iPhone or iOS Codes:

#1 This code hides your number in all outgoing calls. 

#2 Shows IMEI number. 

#3 Turns on/off the number identification. 

#4 Disables outgoing calls. 

#5 Turns on EFR coding. 

#6 Shows the number of a service center for a current provider. 

#7 Cell phone signal information in numbers (dBa). 

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Android Codes:

#8 Hides your number in all outgoing calls. 

#9 Shows your IMEI information. 

#10 Shows Wi-Fi signal, battery, usage statistics, and other information. 

#11 An instant return to factory settings (Hard Reset).

#12 Listen to recordings of your voice during the last 20 phone calls. 

Individual Codes:

#13 Codes for Samsung and Motorola

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