12 Secrets Men Would Take To Their Graves Than Reveal

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Like women, Men also have their fair share of mysteries. They also have deep secrets that they want to protect. (Trust me; I know what I’m talking about … I’m a man). Here are 12 secrets that men would never confess to a woman. Ever!

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#12. Men Love Confident Girls

Is it really hard to believe that men are not totally swayed by a woman’s looks? A man will be more attracted to a confident woman than a swimsuit model. Bottomline; confidence is attractive on both men AND women.

#11. Men Hate Accepting Failures

No matter how the small issue might be, men hate to lose. (We all know how competitive some men can be, whether it’s sports, or business, or coaching little league baseball- some guys don’t know how to let go). Some ultra-competitive/proud men would rather sell a kidney than say “babe, I can’t afford this”. So keep that in mind and do your best not to bruise your hubby’s ego when possible.

#10. They Like Compliments Too

Like women, men also love getting compliments. ‘That shirt looks great on you’ or ‘You look really nice’ will brighten any man’s day!

#9. They Get Scared Too

Everyone has at least one phobia, and that’s okay. A man will put up a brave face if he is scared of the dark or a simple household spider. So, ladies be sure to rescue your man if you find him in such predicament – especially if he has a hard time owning up to it.

#8. Men Love To Look

Every man wants his beloved to dress up in a look that will turn his head (other men too!). They rarely care about fashion for themselves. But they love when you look elegant and sexy!

#7. Men Scrutinize A Lot

Don’t jump the gun and buy a wedding dress if a man invites you to dinner. The little jokes and flirting is a sure sign of interest. He probably likes you but it’s never a sure thing!

#6. They Like ‘Girly’ Things

It’s not surprising to find men liking ‘girly’ things. Facials, manicures, and moisturizers are increasingly part of the repertoire of the modern man – for better or worse.

#5. Men Are Jealous Beings

Men often don’t express their feelings and are quite skilled at suppressing them. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be upset if he sees his girl being hit on by another man.

#4. They Get Confused by Trick Questions 

All men have been asked this question by their girlfriend or wife – ‘Do I look fat?’ Speaking from experience, the level of confusion a man faces cannot be explained. What can a man do when there are no right answers?

#3. Men Always Tinker 

Men will always try to tinker and do things themselves just because they want to be the one who ‘saved the day. Sometimes they do, but most of the times men don’t have any clue whatsoever.

#2. They are Experts at Hiding their Feelings 

Many men will deny this, but some will even cry at the climax of a romantic, heart-warming movie. If you ask them about it, they’ll reply ‘there was something in my eye’

#1. Men don’t leave without reason 

If a man is interested in you, he will never leave you without a reason. They rarely do things without reason. So if the relationship abruptly ends, it’s probably for a real reason – even if he didn’t have the guts to openly discuss it with you.

Ladies, can you guess any more secrets?

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