12 Personality Signs That You’re An Extroverted Introvert

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It takes all sorts to make the world go round. There are extroverts that are bubbly, sociable and ready to have a chat with anyone and everyone. There are introverts that avoid eye contact, speak only when spoken to, and abhor most forms of human contact. And then there are extroverted introverts. These are a special kind of people who like being chatty, but to a certain extent.

When talking about extroverted introverts, we can’t help but mention celebs like Bill Gates, Emma Watson, Courtney Cox, and J.K. Rowling, among others.

Read these 12 signs and see if you’re an extroverted introvert!

#1 You dread social events



That wedding invitation or that Facebook invite to join the class reunion party can trigger some anxiety. You start thinking of reasons why you can’t attend.  You secretly wish for a last minute work emergency just so you can skip out on these invites! But once you’re at the scene, you have no problem chatting up others.

#2 You’re not comfortable in large groups

You start feeling uncomfortable in groups of more than 3. You can’t relate to each individual. You’re prone to let others do the talking while you listen to them. Occasionally, you add a “hmm” and an “oh” where appropriate.

#3 You’re not into small talk

You try to be meaningful in all your interactions. So, you try and remember your last conversation and pick up the thread when you meet next time. The thread usually refers to an important topic like health, studies, or relationships.

#4 Others feel important around you

Because you function well in a small group, you listen to others intently and connect better. That’s why, others feel that they are given importance.

#5 You don’t have one central group



There are people who hang out with the same group day in, day out. But you’re the type to pick and choose individuals from your various social circles. You connect with individuals better than with a group that’s a single unit.

#6 You need a fine balance between me-time and others-time

While you may be comfortable chatting with others in a social setting, you are also keenly aware of your need for me-time. You try to strike a balance between attending social gatherings and spending quality time with yourself.

#7 You may be alone without being lonely

You’re at ease doing things you like doing like painting, reading a book, or sipping a mocha in a café. It’s not necessary that there should be anyone else accompanying you.

#8 You can put others at ease

Before a conversation comes to a dead-end, you can pick it up and make the other person comfortable by keeping the chat alive.

#9 You double up as a leader and a follower

Depending on situations, you can either take the lead or follow others. In this way, you’re versatile and cool to be around.

#10 You’re a natural analyzer



While others are busy interacting with you, you get busy analyzing their body language, tone of voice, what they’re saying, and the surroundings. However, you don’t show that you’re scrutinizing everything.

#11 You’re not fishing for compliments

Compliments don’t go down quite well with you. You become conscious when someone pays a compliment and wish they’d rather keep these to themselves.

#12 Cafes are the best place for you

You love to watch the world go by without being an active participant. So, you love spending time in cafes where there are people around you but you don’t need to interact with them.

Do you find any similarities between yourself and the above list? If you have more to add, go ahead and leave your comments in the box below!

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