7 Sure Signs That a Man Likes You!

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Does he or doesn’t he? That’s a question we women find ourselves asking from time to time.. We try to read between the lines, listen to the tone of his voice, or read his body language to detect if men like us or not. We guess, infer, and hope that he likes us and interpret his every word and movement looking for an answer.

Well, time to stop playing guessing games! FeedFond has compiled 7 signs for women that are a sure sign that a man likes you. So read on to discover the tell-tale signs!

#1 The guy retouches his hair.

When men find someone attractive, they instinctively try to impress that person. So, they touch their hair to smoothen any fly-aways.

#2 He places his hand near his waist.

To show his strength, a man will place his hands near his waist or hips. This also signals interest in the woman.

#3 The man draws himself up to his full length.

Just like the alpha male in an animal crowd who struts his stuff to be attractive to the female he likes, men also do the same. It shows a sense of being strong and being responsible.

#4 When the man takes an open pose.

In social settings, when a man takes a more open pose towards a woman, he is sure to like her. He turns on his feet to directly face the object of his interest.

#5 Speaking with eloquence.

To attract the attention of his lady love, men will speak confidently, sometimes in a deeper or  louder voice to impress the woman he’s interested in.

#6 The guy tries to emulate the woman.

When a man is really interested in a woman, he’ll subtly mimic her body language to indicate that he’s trying to gain a deeper understanding of her.

#7 He appears more excited.

When a man is interested in a woman, he naturally becomes more animated and excited. Sometimes this manifests itself as outward excitement, sometimes he gets ultra-confident and low key so he doesn’t give himself away.

If you know of more than these 7 signs, share with us in the Comments section below! And by the way, read about the 10 kinds of men women find irresistible!

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