8 Crucial Signs, You Are In A Toxic Relationship


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Not all relationships are happy. There are relationships that are challenging and require effort but few relationships have taken a turn for the worse and have become toxic. Many often ignore the signs and sink deep up to a point and lose their individuality. It’s natural to be afraid of losing the one you love, but sometimes letting go can be less painful than holding on tightly.

Follow these 8 signs to see if you are in a toxic relationship. If your relationship relates to most of them, maybe it’s worth a second look.

#8. Economic Dominance 

Is your partner is spending all your hard earned money? If so, then it’s a type of economic violence. What would you do if the relationship ends suddenly?


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#7. No Personal Freedom

It’s a warning sign if your partner treats you like fine china and revokes all sort of personal freedom. Every relationship needs room to grow. It’s ok to meet with your friends without getting chauffeured by your partner.

#6. Jealousy

Is your partner jealous of your best friend? Why? There will be no stability in your relationship if your partner doesn’t trust you. 

#5.  Unnecessary Criticism & Insult

Insulting your partner is a dealbreaker. Don’t ever do that. And if you constantly get insulted and criticized then leave. You deserve better than that. 

#4. No Privacy

They say love connects two people with a red thread. Obsession comes with chains. And stalkers comes with GPS Trackers. Invasion of privacy is not a proof of love.


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#3. No Mutual Respect

If there is no mutual respect between partners in a relationship then it’s pointless to call it one. Your partner is a human being, not an accessory. Treat him/her with respect and expect to be treated the same.

#2. Ignoring Warnings From Friends 

Being in love can lead to some crazy actions and it’s difficult to see things objectively. Rely on your friends and family, they may have a better picture. One that you cannot see. 

#1. Afraid To Talk To Your Partner

Your partner is your friend, lover and keeper combined. You should always feel comfortable talking to your partner. Don’t be afraid to talk to with him/her.

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