Top 10 Differences Between Good Friends and Toxic Friends

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If you have a wide circle of friends, you may have noticed that during a conversation some of them can be totally empathetic, while others argue just for the sake of arguing. Or if you were recently promoted,  some of your friends would be ecstatic, while a few might point out the negatives of the job.

It’s time you started to recognize the difference between genuine friends who are going to stick around for the long haul and toxic friends who pull you down, and use you when they feel like it.

Scroll down to learn about the 10 classic differences between great friends and toxic ones.

#10 Secrets

You can trust your good friends with your darkest secrets, knowing they will carry them to the grave, but be careful of toxic friends who will share your secret with anybody willing to listen and try to shame you.

#9 Mixed bag

It’s important to have a mixed group of friends all throughout life, starting from your primary school through to your workplace. While good friends will be cool about it and happy to meet any friends of yours, toxic friends will clearly express a dislike for your “other” groups of friends and be critical.

#8 Acceptance

Your friends are your friends because they have no trouble accepting the way you are—with all your faults and your strange sense of fashion; however, toxic friends are not so accepting. They will try to change the way you dress or speak and anything else that doesn’t meet their expectations.

#7 Reality check

Your good friends will always let you know that they are thinking about you—they’ll check on you regularly. On the other hand, toxic friends will contact you only when they need your help, being transactional in nature.

#6 No doubt

With good friends, they don’t need any sort of convincing or persuasion; they’ll believe what you say and take you at your word; however, you’ll notice that some of your “friends” always question your opinions. Beware of these toxic people.

#5 Perspectives

All conversations have several different sides. Good friends will want to hear your opinion and try to understand things from your point of view. Toxic friends will always want to win an argument and will do their best to put you down.

#4 Respect

Good friends show you respect and they hold your friendship with high regard; on the other hand, toxic friends will be short-tempered with you and condescending.

#3 Judgment

Good friends will always support you and never judge you. They will be empathetic and try to look at things from your perspective. But toxic friends will pass irrational judgment on you without any context or understanding of your situation.

#2 Me-time

Everyone needs some me-time. While your good friends will be perfectly okay with it, your toxic friends will impose themselves on you ALL the time and have no sense of boundaries.

#1 Success

If you are successful at academically or professionally, good friends will be proud of you and celebrate your success with you; meanwhile, toxic friends will be jealous and make snide, derogatory comments.

So, do you agree with this list of differences? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below! You might also like to read Follow These 8 Signs To See If You Are In A Toxic Relationship.

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