8 Illustrations By A Mexican Artist Showing Living Alone Can Be Superb


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There’s a huge difference in “being alone” and “being lonely”. Single women who live alone are often the subject of sympathy for others. But only independently “alone” women know how liberating it can be to stay all by themselves, be it in a small room or a large bungalow.

The Mexican artist, Idalia Kandelas, has depicted single women in her drawings who are enjoying their freedom and living their life to the fullest.

Scroll down to look at these illustrations that FeedFond has sourced.

#1 “I can wear anything, as long as it’s nothing!”

Living Alone


To be able to walk around the house in next to nothing is wonderfully relaxing and liberating. Women who live alone can cherish these privileges that others can never have.

#2 “I can take any position I like!”

Living Alone


Another great advantage of living alone is that there’s nobody to tell you that you need to sit upright to read a book or turn the lights up or down. You’re free to put your feet up against the wall and spend all the time you like reading any book you want to.

#3 The bed is my kingdom!

Living Alone


Aah the freedom of having the bed all to yourself! That’s a heavenly feeling especially after a long week when you want to stay in bed for as long as you like.

#4 I can take my clothes off wherever I want to!

Living Alone : I can take my clothes off wherever I want to!


Women who live alone need not worry about who’s looking when she wants to take her shirt off. They have the whole house to themselves and can change their clothes wherever they want to, even the living room!

#5 No need to shut the bathroom door!

advantage of living alone


Insanely relieving in the literal sense (!), women living alone have no need to shut the door when they go for a shower or answer Nature’s call. 

#6 Time to reflect and contemplate.

Time to reflect and contemplate


There’s nothing like being in an empty room with nobody to interfere when you want to think about something seriously. 

#7 Only my rules rule!

Only my rules rule works when I am alone


Nothing is more boring than following house rules that you have not set yourself. So, another benefit for women living alone is that they are the only ones to make and break their own rules.

#8 I can have my cuppa in peace.

Living alone


Want to enjoy your morning or evening cuppa without someone continuously interrupting your thoughts? Single women are made of strong stuff!

Want to share any other privileges only single women can enjoy? Share with us in the Comments section below!


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