How to Save Yourself from a Sinking Car in Case of an Emergency

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Accidents and unexpected situations can happen and when they do, it’s without any warning. It’s better to be forewarned and prepared so that you know what to do to save yourself and others, instead of letting panic take over.

You must keep your wits about you to survive; don’t let fear ruin all chances of survival. And remember, you have only a couple of minutes to get your act together.

In case you find yourself in a situation where your car is sinking in water, follow these instructions that have been formulated by a team of professional rescuers.

Initial steps: Unfasten seat belt, lower the window, and get out

You will only have one minute to perform this step. Since the water from the outside puts pressure on the car doors, there is no point in trying to open the door. Your only escape is through a lowered window. Even if your window is not manual, don’t panic. Car tests have shown that the electronics in the auto system continue to work until at least ten minutes after the car sinks.

What if the window can’t be lowered?

In case you can’t lower your window, break it. Use any object with a sharp tip—a hammer, a screwdriver, or a wrench. Always have one such object handy inside your car. Online shops sell window-breaking tools that are useful in emergencies. If you don’t have any object near you, use high heels or your elbow or the headrest to aim at the corner of the windows where the glass is at its most fragile. Don’t try to break the windshield as it’s made of extra strength, crash-resistant glass.

Children first

If you have children with you in the sinking car, unfasten your seatbelt first and then your older child’s. Push him or her out of the car and do the same with your younger child. You should be the last one to get out of the car.

The door could be your only way of escape

If the windows can’t be broken or opened, wait until the car fills with water so that the pressure inside and outside are equal, which would enable the door to be opened.  When the car is almost filled with water, take a deep breath and push the door open with all your might. Put your grip firmly on the door handle so that you can give it a hard push.

Rising bubbles show the way

You may become disoriented under water. To swim to the surface, follow the path where you can see the air bubbles rising.

The key step to remember is to unfasten your seatbelt, lower the window, and swim out.

If you have any other tip on how to save yourself from a sinking car, please share in the Comments section below. For more life-saving hacks, read Top 16 Life Hacks to Save Your Life When in Danger.

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