Dad Captures A Heartbreaking Goodbye Of A 6-Year-Old With Her best friend


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It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone you love. Let alone someone you’ve known your entire life… And it’s got to be 10X’s harder if you’re only 6 years old!

6-year-old Lynn Bakker from Den Helder, Netherlands recently faced such an excruciating loss. The family bulldog, Jaden, was her best friend and companion since she came into this world.

At the time of Bakker’s birth, Jaden was already 7 years old. When Lynn turned 6, full of energy and curiosity– Jaden turned 13 with severely poor health. Poor Jaden became deaf, blind and was barely walking.

Hearing the vet’s diagnosis, Bakker’s dad, Jeffery decided that the dog would have to be euthanized.

He said, “Lynn could do anything with Jaden, he let her do anything: sit on him, put accessories on him, which led to some very funny photos.”

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Meet Lynn Bakker …


And Jaden …


They are best friends …


Jeffery decided to capture the friendship between his daughter and Jaden with a series of pictures. He didn’t want the memory of Jaden to fade away.

But when Lynn was 6 and young …


Jaden turned 13 with severely poor health …


Lynn’s father knew their time was short …


He said, “I wanted to document Jaden and Lynn together because Jaden was very old and I didn’t know how much longer he had to live.”

So to keep the memory of Jaden alive …


He took a series of photographs … 


So that Lynn would never forget about her best friend …


The photos he took went viral touching the hearts of many. Jeffery believes that the pictures capture the developmental importance dogs have on children. The lesson of being patient and compassionate with animals and above all, about love and loss.  

Lynn was very sad at first …


But she is slowly recovering …


By remembering fond memories of Jaden …


“Lynn was very sad at first but now there are no more tears and she talks about him with happy memories, and we hope that’s how she will always remember him,” Jeffery added.

Share the love between Jaden and Lynn and all dog best friends in the world. Read 7 Ways Dogs Make Humans Happier and Healthier.


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