Should You Be Sleeping On Your Right Side During Pregnancy?

Should You Be Sleeping On Your Right Side During Pregnancy? Featured Image

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It’s often said that pregnancy is the most wonderful experience of a woman’s life. It also happens to be the most stressful time. The drastic changes that occur in your body during pregnancy can be hard to cope with.

An expectant mother faces new challenges each and every day. It can get very stressful. Stress can also cause many other issues during pregnancy. It can lead to complicated childbirth. 

Did you know that it can also make your child neurotic? Recent studies have found that stressed-out mothers may give birth to children with behavioral problems. 

But don’t panic! The proper amount of rest and relaxation can melt all of your stress away.

Read on to find out how you can do this.

Are you sleeping well?

Are you sleeping well?

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for mommies to be. And given the increasing weight and general discomfort, it’s not always easy.

If you are sleeping poorly, give your sleeping position some thought. It can be a reason for your insomnia. The right sleeping position can ensure a deep, peaceful slumber. For a pregnant woman, sleeping on your side is the way to go. 

Can you Sleep on your Right Side?

Can you Sleep on your Right Side?

Pregnant women are often recommended to sleep on their sides.

After the baby bump starts to show, the weight of your belly increases and sleeping on your back puts pressure on your spine and back muscles. It blocks off blood circulation and can give you low blood pressure.

It can also cause hemorrhoids.

When given the choice, it is far better to sleep on your right side than on your back. But since you can sleep on either side, it might be better for you to avoid your right side. But why?

Sleeping on your right side can restrict blood flow to your heart. The position also limits blood flow to other organs and the growing baby. Reduced blood flow means the baby will not receive enough oxygen and nutrients which will, in turn, hamper their development.

If you sleep on your right side, your uterus will pressurize the liver. You’re more likely to get acid reflux, which can cause heartburn. 

It is better to Sleep on your Left Side?

It is better to Sleep on your Left Side?

The ideal sleeping position for good digestion is on your left side.

The stomach is on the left and sleeping on the right side causes digestive juices to rise up your esophagus. To keep everything in their proper place, it is better to sleep on your left. 

Sleeping on your left also helps with bowel movement and lymph drainage from the brain. It lessens the pressure on your heart and promotes blood circulation.

Therefore, the healthiest way to sleep is on your left, keeping a knee bent for support. You can also keep a pillow between your legs and behind your back. 

Sleeping Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy

Sleeping Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy

It’s always better to be extra careful. Your baby is precious to you. Nothing should jeopardize the health of your baby or your own. Therefore, it’s better to avoid the following sleeping positions when you’re pregnant.

Try not to Sleep on your Back 

Sleeping on your back is bad during pregnancy. It puts pressure on the large blood vessels that carry blood around the body. It can be potentially life-threatening for both you and your baby.

It can also squeeze the kidneys and put pressure on your spine, which can cause swelling and backache. Try putting a pillow beneath you to support your spine. If possible, do not sleep on your back for too long.

Don’t Sleep on your Tummy 

Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided during pregnancy. As your belly grows, it will become uncomfortable to sleep in that position without the right pillow. Like sleeping on your right side or back, this position also limits blood supply during pregnancy.

The stomach will put pressure on your uterus and the baby inside. Using a donut pillow will support the baby bump and reduce the pressure on your belly.

Find What’s Right for You

Find the Right Sleeping Position

Many women gave birth to healthy babies even after sleeping in the same position they always have. Think of what will work for you. If sleeping on your right side gives you a good night’s sleep then by all means, continue!

Just be sure to ask your doctor if your sleeping position is affecting the baby.

It can be difficult to stay in one position throughout the night. Keep changing positions if it makes you more comfortable. Try to sleep on your left side more than any other position. Get a pregnancy pillow that works for you.

The most important thing is to relax and sleep well.

Final Thoughts About Sleep

Final Thoughts About Sleep

Sleeping on your right is not too much of a problem during pregnancy. But overall, sleeping on your left side is a much better option. Don’t worry if you can’t stay on your left side throughout the entire night.

It is impossible to sleep in only one position.

Keep shifting positions, use proper pregnancy pillows for support and get as comfy as possible. Sleeping through the night is essential for all soon-to-be-mommies. When you sleep and get enough rest, the baby has a healthy environment in which to grow.

Many mothers call pregnancy the last uncomfortable vacation before motherhood. Once you are a mom, there is no break until the kids are off to college! 

So get as much sleep as you can, while you still can. 

Bye, Bye Stress!

Lastly, try not to let the stress of childbearing get to you. It will be harmful to both you and the little one growing inside of you. Too much stress during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure and heart disease.

It might result in premature delivery and a malnourished baby which is not what you want. Instead, try and stay as zen as possible. Remember a happy mommy means a happy baby!

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