Spotify Ad Campaign Reveals User’s Most Embarrassing Listening Habits In 2017

In the world of music streaming services, Spotify is the most popular and wide reached among all music lovers. Recently, they launched a cheeky advertisement campaign to celebrate the end of 2017 by revealing user’s most embarrassing listening habits!

A series of billboards went up overnight shamelessly displaying the listening habits of Spotify users for the whole world to see. If you have cleared put your ‘searches’ and ‘recently played’ section, sadly, your efforts were in vain.

The ads are titled “2018 Goals” and it’s a comical reflection of the ups and downs of 2017, the mindset for the upcoming year and the music that got us through it all. Keep a lookout – they are hilarious!

The campaign is even better than the similar one they did last year! Keep your fingers crossed so that it becomes a yearly tradition.

Scroll down and see the images for yourself and comment on the ones you relate to!

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