A Powerful Explanation of What Stay-at-Home Moms REALLY Do!

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Being a mother and a homemaker is a thankless job. Why? Simply because the woman is not SEEN dressing for work and going out every morning. When people hear that a woman is a stay-at-home mom, they probe further and want to know what she does all day. As if she has the time to put her feet up and read a romance novel!

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A Tribute to Stay-at-Home Moms

Well, a tattoo artist from Florida–Ryshell Castleberry–was bothered when people kept asking her and other stay-at-home moms about their daily routine. So, she came up with the most potent explanation of what a stay-at-home mom does. Her Facebook post has received 711,000 Likes. Castleberry’s post is a tribute to all stay-at-home moms. These moms don’t get the deserved praise and appreciation for the endless chores and work they do throughout the day.

My Wife Doesn’t Work!

Castleberry starts off with an imaginary conversation between a psychologist and a husband, who complains about how his wife doesn’t work.

Play All Day?

With the breakfast done and the kids at school, do you wonder what the stay-at-home mom does while the husband is away at work?

Got No Work?

So, with the hubby back from work and resting after a long day, let’s look at what the stay-at-home mom does in the evening.

An Ode To Stay-at-Home Moms

Castleberry ends her post with a poem about the innumerable jobs that a stay-at-home mom juggles to keep the family functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Castleberry has done a great job in reminding everyone that what a stay-at-home mom does. From early morning till all hours she works. So, that cannot be compared to a 9-to-5 job. It’s the dedication and selfless love of every stay-at-home mom which keeps the family together, healthy and happy. So, next time you’re faced with a question like what do you actually do all day, you have your answer ready!

Share your thoughts on stay-at-home moms in the Comments section below! You might also like to read Top Three Facts About C-Section Moms That Everyone Should Know.

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