Owner Told His Dog To “Stay” & Never Returned To Pick Him Up!

Most people are aware of the deep loyalty a dog holds towards their owner—it’s unquestionable. Not only are dogs obedient, but they also feel joy in human company. It’s shameful, the way some owners use a dog’s unprecedented devotion to them—sometimes in the cruelest ways imaginable.

The incident we want to highlight here happened in Moscow, Russia when an owner dropped off his German Shepherd on a sidewalk and told his companion to “stay”.

Loyal to the end, the dog—named Luke—never strayed from the spot. He stayed put. Little did he know, his human will never return.

“A woman who worked there saw it happen,” said Meredith Andrew, a Canadian woman who heard about Luke’s plight on Facebook, “She tried to get him to move, but he wouldn’t.”

A week passed and the dog was still on the spot where his disloyal owner left him. The dog received more kindness and love from strangers than his owner!

Then finally, Luke met a savior. Another woman named Elena Kniazeva convinced him that he deserves better.

Elena brought Luke to a shelter where he met other dogs with broken pasts. He quickly bonded with them. Luke even learned to jump for joy! He was so happy with the new people who truly cared for him that his feet never seemed to touch the ground!

Luke’s best dog friend—Dennis—had a cruel past too. Someone cut off his mother’s ears and his sibling was found dead. His leg was severely injured, but fortunately, a veterinarian fixed him up.

Both Luke and Dennis are prepping for an adventure across the pond to Toronto, Canada. Cause 4 Paws Toronto and its founder Helen Antoniou is funding their trip. The organization will hopefully find their forever homes 4600 miles away from the country they knew. This will be a fresh start for both canines.

Luckily, because they are young—Luke is 5-years-old and Dennis is 4-years-old—they should be able to adapt to the new environment quickly. Cause 4 Paws has a GoFundMe campaign page to help make their transition easy.

Luke will finally be free from the chains of “stay” and be placed with a family that is just as kind-hearted and loyal as him.

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