People Who Swear Often and Stay Up Late are More Intelligent

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I swear

Recent research has shown that people who curse frequently are more intelligent. Contrary to popular belief, these people have been known to have a strong vocabulary and rhetorical strength. Those who can name the most curse words in a minute have a higher than average IQ. This study was conducted by Kristin L. Jaya and Timothy B. Jay from Marist College and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Night owls

Another study has revealed that people who stay up late are more intelligent. Those who go to bed early don’t experience the psychological and emotional changes that happen in the dark.


In yet another study, it has been shown that messy people are also more intelligent than the “average Joe”. That’s probably because they are more focused on work, rather than cleaning and tidying up. This makes their output more intelligent. While a well-organized environment is a sign of playing it safe, disorders can be a source of inspiration and innovation.

So, go ahead and swear all you want! It’s alright to stay up late and to have a room that has your things all over the floor and the chair.

What do you think of these studies? Share your views in the Comments section below. You might like to read Research Claims That People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are More Intelligent, Creative And Successful.

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