Chihuahua Fighting For Life After Being Tortured By Four Teens


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Cruelty is a despicable act. And it’s worse when done to defenseless creatures, like when directed towards animals. They don’t have a voice to express themselves. Which makes it even more detestable.

We at FeedFond bring you this story about animal cruelty in hopes that it will help raise awareness and prevent such acts in the future.

Chunky, a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix, was found on the brink of death last year. The innocent puppy was kidnapped by four British drug-fueled teenagers and subjected to acts of torture.

The teenagers had kicked and beaten the puppy until his body was battered and his legs were broken. The torture didn’t stop there, they also burned his face using an aerosol can and lighter.

After they were done, they dumped the dog in a landfill and left him to die.

When he was discovered and taken to a hospital, the vets initially thought Chunky was dead.

“This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with–by an absolute mile,” said Caroline Doe, an RSPCA inspector. “The defendants may have been young and confessed to being under the influence of drugs, but the cruelty they inflicted on this poor dog was extreme, barbaric, and inexcusable.”

After many weeks of intensive care and rehabilitation, Chunky was slowly getting back to shape. He was finally returned to his owners.

The law prevents animal abusers from owning a pet for five years, but many think the punishment is too short.

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We at FeedFond are appalled by this act of cruelty against man’s best friend! Please come forward and share this story!

Chunky’s recuperation is an inspiration to us all!

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