Then vs. Now: 11 pictures that show how we have changed with times

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Times are a-changing. And nothing depicts the changing times better than the activities we do, how we spend our leisure, the way we interact with our families, and the games children play these days.

The advent of technology and the spread of mobile phones and the Internet have massively changed how we interact with the world around us.

Scroll down to see some phenomenal images that portray changes that have occurred in just a span of a few years.


#1 The cat calls.

Animals like cats used to play with woolen balls. Now they find electronic gadgets more attractive to play with!

#2 Flying 101.

Movie-making was a seriously time-consuming business in the past. Now, using green screen technology it has become much easier to create entire new worlds, maneuver characters, and stage jaw-dropping battle scenes on a computer screen. From shrinking in size to having Harry Potter flying on his broom, the magic of green screen technology has revolutionized the way we make and watch movies.

#3 Size matters.

Computer hard drives were massive in size and weight. And they cost a ransom too. In just over 50 years, these hard drives that could store only a few megabytes of data have magically transformed into a pocket-size devices that can store terabytes of information.

#4 More than calorie burning.

Jogging was a simple and plain activity of running with the goal of burning calories and getting into shape. These days, jogging encompasses not only running but running with a device attached to our arm that interfaces  with our smartphone. We are no longer just jogging. We’re clocking the time, the calories burnt, the number of steps taken, AND putting these stats on the social media for all the world to see and exclaim.

#5 A breath of fresh air.

In the past, spending time outdoors meant walking, hiking, trekking or simply sitting down to enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature. But now, people hardly go outdoors and spend time with Nature. They’re tethered to their laptop and ubiquitous smartphone. They are in a perpetual pursuit to enjoy less and capture more.

#6 Stuffed animals? What are those?

Children used to be happy with a humble Winnie the Pooh. But Teddy Ruxbin and My Buddy changed that all (you know what I’m talking about 80’s babies!). But now, kids won’t be happy till you prop them in front of an iPad so they can spend hours playing or Minecraft, while tweeting about it and ordering a pizza on Alexa. .

#7 Virtual friends are closer than real ones.

Getting together and partying with friends meant physically meeting them in a designated place and spending hours on end dancing, chatting, playing games, being silly with or just talking. The physical aspect of friendship has been taken over by the virtual world. People have less time to meet up with friends. Instead, they have a huge group of virtual “friends” that whose approval they’re always seeking.

#8 Simple to Strategic.

We would spend hours playing Tetris and Super Mario Brothers as kids. Now with games like Assasins Creed and Minecraft, your little first-grader is building world’s, fighting armies, and killing zombies with other kids (and adults!) half-way around the world.


#9 From bar to smart.

Remember how excited you were to get your first ever flip phone? Show that to a kid today and they’ll barely recognize it.

#10 Bulky to sleek.

TV’s used to look like ovens… .now they look like whiteboards. The downside is that kids can’t play in those huge boxes anymore 🙁

#11 Social gatherings have a new meaning.

We’re staring at cold screens rather than warm faces.

What are your thoughts on the way times have changed? Please feel free to share your comments in the section below!

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