10 Things Kids Do that Might Look Naughty but Aren’t

It’s sometimes difficult for adults to differentiate between when kids are being naughty and when they do things that are perfectly normal from their childish perspective. As adults, we should be aware that kids are still in the stage of development—mature behavior can’t regularly be expected. If you try to understand the context of their behavior, you will be better able to deal with them.

Read on to learn about 10 things kids do which might seem naughty to adults, but aren’t really the case.

#10 Inconsistent limits throw them off

As parents, you should keep a set of rules and stick to them. For example, one night you ask your kid what she’d like to have for dinner and the next day, you tell her that she has no choice but grilled veggies. She’ll throw some tantrums for sure. So, make sure there are rules and limits for what can be done on certain days and times of the week. Kids get thrown off by inconsistency.

#9 Kids react to their parent’s moods

Kids are aware of the changing moods of their parents and their reactions are often based on your own behavior and what you are projecting. So, if you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or depressed, remember that your kids are aware of these emotions and feelings; it’s very likely that they will reflect these in their behavior.The best thing to do if you’re feeling down is to give yourself some space and sort things out before you come in contact with your kids. Remember that your kids’ behavior is a reflection of your own.

#8 Kids just want to play

Playing is an essential requirement for kids that you can’t and shouldn’t ignore. So, when your little one jumps up and down on the bed when you’re trying them to put their pajamas, don’t think they’re being naughty. They’re giving you a signal that really is asking you to play with them. Children might play with the food on their plate and that’s another way of telling parents that they can do with some more games and fun. They love to burst out in laughter at silly things you do. What parents can do is to plan loads of games and activities throughout the day so the kids are satiated.

#7 Best habits can be a barrier

Some kids may be attentive and focused. Yet, they can’t cope with a mess they make and so, they want to stay away from a particular activity. There are some children who are naturally inclined towards being safe and careful—these traits can prevent them from trying new activities. As parents, you should try to recognize the good traits in your kids that prevent them from behaving in an expected way. Think of why they may be resistant to do something.

#6 They carry out their plans

Even kids have their own little plans for which they’d do anything to carry out and defend. So, maybe making a fort with freshly washed duvets and sheets are a part of their plan. This might not be ideal for parents, but this is normal for kids—and they’re using their imaginations!. They may cut their own hair or paint a masterpiece on the dining room wall. These kids have nothing against their parents. It’s just that these are part of their plans, ideas, and creativity. So, as parents, try to understand their need to design and carry out a plan and don’t get upset about it.

#5 Unleashing their energy

Kids are energetic and can’t sit still. So, it’s really not helpful if parents tell them to sit still or stop running or chasing the cat. Kids love physical movement and it’s good for their growth and mental development. For parents, it’s recommended that when they see their kids are brimming over with energy, they should take them to the nearest park or playground to burn off some of the energy.

#4 Kids can’t hide big feelings

Children are not tamed to hide really big emotions and feelings the way adults do. They might start to yell or cry really loudly. Parents should remember that big feelings in a child’s world can be triggered by something very small, like wanting something they can’t have from an older sibling. In these cases, the best thing for parents to do is to just ignore it and let the child be without punishing them.

#3 Physical needs affect kids’ moods

Even adults snap when they’ve been feeling hungry for a long time or didn’t have enough sleep. At least adults can help themselves to make the situation better. But with kids, it’s more complicated. They can’t express what’s bugging theman oncoming fever, thirst, hunger, or pain. Parents should be wary of their kids’ meals and other schedules and plan ahead if things might fall off schedule.

#2 Children react to overstimulation

When parents are in a rush throughout the day and drag their kids with them from a play date to the supermarket to a birthday party, children can be overstimulated. They might get hyper or irritable. They get stressed and are more likely to misbehave. Parents should balance the up times with the down times so that kids have the time to cool down and be a calmer, more well-behaved version of themselves. Excess activities, toys, and choices are not easy for kids to handle.

#1 Kids have a harder time controlling their impulses

Self-control is a slowly-learned process. The region in our brain that controls the self is immature at birth and takes till adolescence to fully develop. Kids under 3 years old aren’t fully ready to listen to their parents’ instructions. Until they reach age 3 or 4, they don’t understand the concept of following rules. With this in mind, parents should be better able to understand and cope with their children’s unintentional behavior.

Do you agree with these 10 things that aren’t actually naughtiness by kids? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below. And while we’re on the topic of understanding kids, you should probably read Top 10 Parental Rules That Set A Good Family Apart From A Wise One.

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