8 Things You Should Never Do For Your Man

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We’ve all faced this dilemma at least once in our life – should we give up our career for the man we love? Should we do some slight plastic surgery to make ourselves look more attractive to our partner? Or should we lower our personal standards to match our partner’s level?

FeedFond has compiled 8 things that women should never do for their men.

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Read on and see if you’ve ever done anything from the list!

#1 Never Downgrade Yourself

Your standards speak volumes about you. Whether you’re highly educated or highly principled, it’s never worth it to change your standards to meet those of the man you love. Your standards are an integral part of you. Sooner or later, your standards will naturally change, so, it’s better to maintain it from the beginning. Find someone who respects you for your standards or is able to meet yours.

#2 Never Solve All His Problems

Don’t be someone who tries to solve all work- or family-related problems of your man. Let him figure a way out. He should be mature and responsible enough to handle problems that are exclusively related to him.

#3 Never Change The Way You Look

Plastic surgery is a big business all over the world and some of us might feel tempted to redo a few things to make ourselves look more attractive to our man. Changing the exterior is the last thing anyone should do to keep her man. If someone doesn’t like the way you look, he may look for a more suitable partner.

#4 Never Put Yourself Beneath Your Man

Both parties in a relationship are equal. Never think that just because your man’s a man, he needs to be worshiped. Any healthy relationship should have mutual respect. There cannot be any space where one looks down on the other or vice versa.

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#5 Don’t Buy Him Expensive Gifts All The Time

Try to buy mid-priced gifts so that your man can also return the favor. Don’t make him feel low just because he can’t buy you diamonds. This practice would also help to keep his expectations practical.

#6 Don’t Hide Your Intellect.

Smart is the new sexy. So, if you think that pretending to be dumb will earn you brownie points from your man, you really are dumb! There’s no harm in being your feisty, funny self. It’ll only make your man want you more.

#7 Never Give Up Your Career

Too tired to do the kitchen chores after a long meeting at work? Thinking of giving up your job so you can focus better on home? Think again! You’ve worked hard to get a degree and your dream job. Just because your man comes home before you do or doesn’t like your job, doesn’t mean that you give up your career. It’s important for you to be financially independent, so stick to your job.

#8 Never Give Up Your Dreams

If you want to get a Ph.D., work towards it. Want to write a book? Go ahead! Don’t let your man come between you and your dreams. We all have things that we wish to achieve some day. It will make us more fulfilled and rewarded. There’s nothing wrong with it so don’t regret it later by saying that you didn’t pursue a career abroad for your husband.

Think you can add more things you shouldn’t do for your man? Key in the words in the comments section below!

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