9 Things You Most Likely Did Not Know About Anxiety

9 Things You Most Likely Did Not Know About Anxiety

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Statistics regarding anxiety are not that great. Around 25% of people experience anxiety at least once in life. Those that experienced anxiety are familiar with the huge effect it has on the human body, with moments that can appear from practically anywhere.

The big problem with anxiety is that people do not really know much about the condition. Everyone seems to talk about it but so much of the information you find online is false.

There are countless things that need to be known about anxiety so do be sure you learn as much as possible about it. You never know when you actually have to fight it.

While you can find good articles that talk about anxiety attack symptoms, treatment and so on, here are some things you most likely do not know right now, but you should. 

1. There Is a Genetic Base With Anxiety

When at least one parent suffers from anxiety, there is a pretty good possibility the child will also experience this. Anxiety is one of the conditions that can be passed down to children or even through parental behavior.

There was a study that showed that a gene was associated with social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. We also now know that anxious parents can inadvertently feed the anxiety of their children. While parents do not cause anxiety, the environment and genetics do play a big part. 

2. You Can Experience Physical Pain Due To Anxiety

There is a physical basis of anxiety. Physical symptoms do appear because of the fact that the body’s natural fight or flight response is activated. The brain senses there is a threat and it responds by feeding neurochemicals so that the person affected can react.

The common physical symptoms associated with anxiety are – chest tightening, muscle tension, tummy trouble, heart palpitations, nausea, and headaches. Unfortunately, for many, anxiety does hurt. 

3. Everything Around You Might Smell Bad

When you suffer from anxiety there is a high possibility that your brain will label the neutral smells as being bad. As smells are processed, your olfactory system is activated. If you are anxious, your emotions become intertwined and the olfactory system cannot properly process what it senses. 

4. Some Diets Influence Anxiety

Here’s another reason why you absolutely need to eat right. If you follow a well-balanced diet that includes meat, fish, fruit, whole grains and vegetables, you become less anxious. This is especially the case when compared to the diets that include fried foods, processed foods, beer, sugary products, and refined grains. 

5. Anxiety Does Have Its Strengths

An important thing to understand in life is that nothing is actually all bad or all good. If you have been affected by anxiety in the past, the most important thing to realize is that this did help shape who you are now and it did it in a positive way.

This includes your choices, your friends, your job and much more. While anxiety is not the only thing you are, it is a part of you. Getting over high anxiety moments will make you a lot stronger. 

6. Numerous People Think Anxiety Is Not Real

When you are faced with anxiety attacks it is almost a certainty that people around you will tell you things like “Get over it”, “You will get over it” or “Suck it up”. According to what many think, anxiety is just something that appears from time to time and that can be rectified with ease.

When affected by anxiety, you quickly figure out that this is not the case. It is very hard to explain what you go through when anxiety is a part of your world. Onlookers will think that nothing is wrong but symptoms are intense and real.

Anxiety is real and not just imagination or “in someone’s head”. However, few people will ever understand this. Dealing with those that do not understand anxiety is a part of life. 

7. Anxiety Can Destroy Your Confidence

We all want to have better careers and keep improving. Unfortunately, anxiety does not really care you and about the fact you want to become better. It is going to add self-doubt and will make you question literally everything you do in life.

The reason why most people suffering from anxiety fail is that they end up doubting everything that they do. It is anxiety that kills their confidence.

Anxiety will crush dreams and destroy professional opportunities. Both the professional and personal world of a person will be affected. 

8. There Are Consumer Products That Make Anxiety Worse

What you eat affects your mood in more ways than one. For instance, smoking and consuming caffeine will make anxiety symptoms much more noticeable. Anxiety, caffeine, and smoking affect the nervous system so existing behaviors are exaggerated.

Examples of symptoms that get worse include: sweaty palms, shaking, rapid heartbeat and difficulty concentrating.

It is very hard to deal with anxiety symptoms so making it worse through the use of bad consumer products is not a good idea. You should quit smoking when you suffer from anxiety and drastically reduce caffeine intake from coffee or sodas. 

9. You Are Never Too Old Or Too Young To Suffer From Anxiety

Anxiety can be developed at literally any point in life. Onset does not care about how old you are. For different people, a trigger is a traumatic event or a huge personal loss. However, even a really small thing can provoke anxiety.

In many cases, anxiety appears during childhood. As an example, abusive upbringing tends to have a strong, lasting effect. For others, a bad job review can set off anxiety. 


Anxiety disorder affects millions right now. Even so, it is still a hidden illness since it is not physically seen when you look at someone. However, the good news is that as people learn more about it and they truly understand how one’s life is impacted by the disorder, things change.

We need to all play our part and promote the truth about this crippling condition. This can actually save a life.

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