Top 9 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong Everyday


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There are some things you do every day without giving it much thought. They come to you naturally and are performed mechanically. However, some of these actions might have adverse effects on your health or the environment.

Read on to find out about the top 9 things you’re probably doing wrong every single day.

#9 Leaving a bag of chips open


With the help of some origami lessons, there’s a clever way of sealing a bag of chips without using a clip. Click on the link above to watch the video. So, next time, if you don’t have a clip handy, you’ll know what to do!

#8 Exercising without warming up

Do a few stretching exercises before you increase the intensity or get into a more hard-core workout regime. Stretching will relax and loosen your muscles. To avoid injuries, do some stretching at the end of your workout also.

#7 Brushing your teeth in horizontal movements only

For cleaning your teeth properly, horizontal brush movements are not going to do the job completely. You need to make short, vertical brush movements from the gums to the edge of the teeth. Take 2 – 3 minutes to brush your teeth and don’t forget to floss afterward.

#6 Breathing with your chest

Instead of breathing with your chest, focus on using the diaphragm so that proper oxygenation can take place. If you get a good amount of oxygen in, it will have multiple positive effects including less stress, lower blood pressure, less pain and inflammation, and overall better health.

#5 Using paper towels to dry hands

Using paper towels take a toll on our environment. People tend to use a lot of paper towels in public restrooms to dry their hands. Before reaching out for a paper towel, shake your hands to get off as much water as possible.

#4 Adding oil to the water for boiling pasta

If you add oil to the water in which you’ll boil the pasta, the sauce will not stick to the pasta. Instead, if you measure the water as per the quantity of pasta, there’s no need to use oil. Just remember to use 1 liter of water per 100 grams of dry pasta and 1.5 liters for 100 grams of fresh pasta.

#3 Replying to Whatsapp texts from your boss

It’s good to keep a line between personal and professional lives. Whatsapp and other texting apps are more personal nature and it’s advised not to add your boss on such platforms. When you receive and read a text from your boss, they’ll know and if you don’t respond, they’ll notice.

#2 Working without planning for breaks

You know yourself better than anybody, so you know when you’re most productive. If you know when you feel most energetic and concentrated, you’ll focus and bring out the best work of the day. So, if you plan your breaks according to your most productive hours, you’ll end up in a better mood.

#1 Using excess soap in the shower

As you age, your skin becomes dry. Using too much soap will only dry the skin further. When you’re in the shower, just put soap on the skin folds. The soap water running down your body is good enough to clean your skin without drying it.

Which one of these have you been doing? Share your comments with us in the section below. You should also read 22 Foods That You’ve Not Been Eating The Right Way.


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