10 Stories To Remind Us To Think Before We Judge

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Life is unpredictable, like a roller-coaster. And in its continuous rise and fall, we come across situations and incidents that can often make us jump to the wrong conclusions.

If the phrase “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” means anything to you, do you apply this when dealing with real-life situations? Society has grown into the all-too-familiar habit of pointing fingers at others without knowing the whole story.

However, being that life is full of surprises, that things aren’t always what they seem to be.

While jumping to conclusions is considered a perfectly normal behavior—think gossip columns—we at FeedFond hope that these 10 stories will show you how important it is not to judge others.

So, wait. Stop, take a deep breath and think.

#10 Humor Beats Beauty!

To those who think that appearance is the main thing for a woman, YOU’RE WRONG! Cheers to my friend’s sense of humor as she was able to find her better half. She has small breasts, so she uses different pads and push-ups. We were on a beach, and she elegantly shook her towel and surprisingly the top of her swimsuit fell off with the pads. She wailed, “Damn! The wind blew off my bra with my boobs!” The guy next to her was laughing so hard that we had to help him and a week later he proposed to her.

#9 Fair Beggar

I don’t give beggars money as I tend to think they are lying. One day I saw a homeless man—for whom a regular meal was obviously a rarity—feeding stray dogs. It is not just because they come near him: he was persistently walking around looking for the poor things. It moved me so much that I gave him food, and now I see him from time to time and help him when I can. He’s a good man with a hard life and it’s really a pity that fate is so unfair sometimes.

#8 Blind, But Not Hopeless

My son has been blind for a long time. My wife and I don’t know how to familiarize him with the world and encourage him or maybe even teach him to live without feeling inadequate. But then, a friend recommended we send him to art classes. At first, we were doubtful, but after six months the teachers told us our child had a talent because he can draw something by just touching it. Now his drawings are featured at exhibitions and foreigners have already bought a couple. This really tells us that whatever happens in your life, don’t give up as you can always find an alternative path.

#7 Inner Beauty Always Wins

There is a girl I thought was ugly and decided to troll her by creating a fake page of a guy in a social network and followed her to make her fall in love with me. I planned to call her, ask her for a date, and not show up. But while we were chatting, I learned she was an incredible person and I actually fell in love with her.

#6 Caught Red-Handed

I stayed overnight at my girlfriend’s house for the first time. She’s always on a diet, so I decided to go to the kitchen at night for snacks and to not tempt or offend her. I arrived at the kitchen, opened the fridge, took out a pan, and suddenly heard a croaky voice from behind me saying: “Are you eating?” The pan fell to the floor and I turned around and saw an enormous parrot in a cage, stating; “You’re eating! You’re eating!” My girlfriend was standing in the hallway crying with laughter. And they say that animals don’t comprehend anything.

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