11 Essential Tips for Moving to a New State


Around 40 million Americans move every year. None of them will say that the process is an enjoyable one. The hard truth is that relocating is a lot of work. It is even harder when you need to move to another state.

 There are a number of things that you need to do when you are planning on moving to a new state. You don’t want to be blindsided by forgetting anything.

 Here are some tips that you should follow. In addition to hiring a reliable company, your relocation will go a lot more smoothly if you follow them carefully.

 Don’t forget to change your driver’s license

 One of the most important things that you need to do when moving is get a new driver’s license. Every state has different driver’s license rules for residency purposes, but none of them will allow you to keep your license from your previous state.

You should check DMV.com or the DMV website of your new state. They will tell you how long you have to get a new driver’s license after relocating. Generally, you must replace your license within 30 to 45 days.

Some states will require you to at least take a written exam to get your new license. If you have not studied the rules of the road in a long time, then you should probably get a driver’s education pamphlet from the DMV. This will help you prepare for your written exam.

Use moving as an excuse to get rid of clutter

 More people are packrats today than ever. Surprisingly, many people hold onto more stuff than people did during The Great Depression. You may not even realize how much junk you have accumulated until you are getting ready to move.

 Why not use moving as an excuse to declutter? This is some advice that Russell John’s shared in an article for USA Today.

Change the locks

If the house is empty, you can do this in advance. It is a better idea to change the locks before moving in, but you can still do it the day you relocate. This is not an extreme measure because if you are not the first tenant to have the house, you cannot know who or which people were there before. If the house is new, then you may also want to add an extra lock.

Report your change of address.

You can do this at the post office and contact the banks where you have credit and debit cards. This will prevent your mail from getting lost and keep you from missing credit card payments.

Check the list of things you must have.

Make a detailed list of things that you need to bring. You want to make the move as simple as possible, which won’t be easy if you can’t remember the essentials. After the move is finished, check that everything arrived complete and in good condition. It does not matter if you hired a mover or not. This helps you know if you have forgotten anything. You need to hire a mover if you are about to move and you still don’t know how to move your things.

Don’t delay in unpacking.

If your house has the necessary furniture to accommodate clothes, dishes, utensils and decoration, don’t take too long to get everything ready. Having the necessities on hand will make you feel less in the process of moving and more at home.

Tips for adapting to your new neighborhood

You want to find out what the new neighborhood has to offer. Visit the restaurants, cafes, bars and shops in the new area. Try to get to know a new place each time, so you can get a better perspective of the neighborhood and by spending time outdoors. You can identify the people who live there and if your personality is outgoing, you will meet people easily.

Take walks.

Look for different streets to go to various places and return home, so you can find the businesses that you will one day need, you can also locate parks, places to exercise, etc.

Look at public transportation routes

On your walks, see what routes pass by from trucks, subway stations, subway buses or bike stations, even if you don’t use them normally. Many times, we think there is only one route to get from point A to point B when in reality other types of transport pass by on the nearby streets much more directly.

Be open to meet your neighbors.

You may have the gift of speech and meeting new people is easy, or you may be shy, but either way is open when someone approaches you and asks you a question or you need to know something about the building or the neighborhood. Getting to know your neighbors will make you feel more secure, and strong friendships can develop.

Change is always a good thing, either because of what you can get or because of the very experience of daring. In that change, you may miss your old routine, but in your new neighborhood you will surely bond with nice people and get to know new places.

Do an inspection ahead of time.

For safety, you should check the facilities such as the electrical circuit box and make sure that the sections of the house are labeled. If there are alarms, check that they are working properly so that you can trust them. If they are battery operated, consider that they may be discharged; also buy one or more fire extinguishers.

Make your move as simple as possible

 Moving is not a fun experience. Even if you are looking forward to your new home, the moving process itself will be a drag. The good news is that it will go a lot easier if you follow the tips listed above. So have a happy moving experience.

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