Tips to Get Your Man to Dress Better

Tips to Get Your Man to Dress Better

There are no boundaries with love. But it might work well if your man could dress a tad better.

There are two types of men: men who care about what they look and those who don’t flinch wearing baggy cargo shorts, a football jersey, and a pair of sandals.

For half a century, wives and girlfriends have been doing the work to keeping men aesthetically appealing. After the hippie’s fashion ‘mishap’, this generation is about to see more ‘dapper-looking’ males again–starting with your man.

Here are practical tips to help you on this journey towards making this a better-looking place for us to enjoy.

Start With the Fit

When you go directly to purchase in an online clothing store for clothes, there’s a higher chance it may not look or fit as planned. Hence, the necessity for finding the right fit for your man.

Excessive fabric is your worst enemy. Take for example how David Beckham can rock a simple shirt and jeans. The key is to have a tailored-fit measurement.

Even your man can rock the basics without having to look like David Beckham with this simple change. Find a tailor to get his measurements prior to purchasing clothes.

His Story

The tendency for most women is to put his style up to par with yours. If you’re on the far end of the fashion spectrum, it can be hard for the guy to top that one off.

Remember, you are looking to style your man–the love of your life–and not your pet dog. He has his own personality and probably looking to dress for function.

So, when you purchase from an online clothing store, your goal is to have him wear the clothes and not the other way around!

Dabber Shoes

For men, three things stand out for them: watches, well-tailored suits, and shoes. When you see someone walking by looking handsome and neat–with badly paired shoes can destroy the whole perspective.

Randomly selecting shoes paired with your choice styles from an online clothing store will not immediately translate to your man looking like the model.

Stay away from excessive pointed shoes, square-toed dress shoes, and yes, those primitive-looking sandals. Go for Stan Smith, Jack Purcells, Italian oxfords, and wingtips.

Devil is in the Details

It’s the little things that people notice. That pocket square or that tie bar or that well-fitted polo. These are details he may have missed when he was styling his own.

Placing the right accessories can make or break the whole style. An outlandish bling could be out of place if it’s worn carelessly. Use subtlety for his choice of accessories.

Keep the men looking like men ladies!

Compliment Him

Appreciation is considered one of men’s love languages. Flattery, in this case, will do wonders to keep him motivated. You’re not always there to monitor his EVERY purchase in an online clothing store.

So, when you get the chance to see him looking dabber, flatter him. However, in the worst-case scenario, turn on his jealousy and complement others who look good in what they wear.

Jealousy might hit like a ton of bricks and wake him up from this senselessness.

Feel Good About the Change

Change is never easy. And it works for men too. When you try to improve the way he looks, he might not reciprocate the gesture in kind. It might even thwart him off (He might not even show up to your doorstep for a week!).

When you incorporate changes, it is best to do things slowly and make it as enjoyable as possible even when he’s being a stubborn–but lovable–thing. Reward his efforts by making him feel secure and confident about what he chooses to wear for that day.

While he may be a million miles away from becoming Brad Pitt, always acknowledge the small changes.

Give Your Man Space to Explore

Just like the good ol’ hunting days, men like to search and look for a hunt. It keeps things ‘exciting’. And if he’s excited about it, he’ll be more than willing to work for it.

Don’t be like his mum and badger him when he shops for clothes. He’d want to get into a space of comfort like doing things on his own or ask his friend to assist him with this ‘adventure’. The thing is to support him in this journey.

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