Top 13 Ancient Beauty Secrets You May Not Know


Women have always strived to look beautiful. No mountain is too high or ocean too deep to deter women from discovering beauty secrets. Since time began, there are some natural ingredients that enhance the beauty of women of all ages.

FeedFond has collected 13 ancient beauty secrets you may not be aware of. Scroll down to unearth these beauty secrets.

#13 Clay

Clay is a multi-purpose beauty ingredient that is not only applied to the skin but also on hair. Read 15 Exceptional Beauty Tips That You Wish You Had Known Before to learn more about how to use clay to get rid of cellulite.

#12 Lemon juice

Get naturally light streaks in your hair by using lemon juice, which has lightening properties. Learn how to take care of yellow nails with lemon juice here.

#11 Sour cream

This is a natural hand softener and you can use it anytime, and especially after washing, to soften your hands.

#10 Cabbage leaves

This is an excellent solution for new moms whose breasts hurt from breastfeeding. Place cabbage leaves directly on the breasts to soothe sore nipples

#9 Egg masks

The protein in eggs makes for an excellent hair mask to leave your hair shiny and strong. For more tips on hair, check out Top 10 Tips To Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day.

#8 Henna

Henna makes hair strong and healthy, conditioning it and giving it a nice brown tint. Read more on having healthy and shiny hair here.

#7 Honey masks

Honey contains excellent moisturizing and antibacterial properties that make the skin soft and supple. It can also help get rid of cellulite. Just apply on the affected areas, press with your palm, and pull your palm away, and repeat.

#6 Rosehip and cream balm

Mix your choice of cream with rosehip to get a fragrant balm that will both make your skin soft and soothe your nerves.

#5 Waxing with sugar

This has been used for long by ladies to epilate their skin and enjoy the soft hair-free effect.

#4 Textured cloth

Instead of a scrub, use a textured towel or washcloth to gently exfoliate dead cells from your body.

#3 Aromatherapy massage

The use of essential oils during massage has been a practice since ancient times. Aromatherapy massage can help ease aches and pains from different parts of the body. The fragrance from the oils helps to calm the nerves and make you relax.

#2 Baths

Another ancient, relaxing ritual is the bath. In the old times, women and men used the public bath to catch up with others and to relax.

#1 Olive oil

Olive oil is a base for many creams, shampoos, and balms. This oil has many nourishing, healthy properties to give you perfect skin and hair.

Which one of these ancient beauty secrets did you already know? Share your best beauty secret with us in the Comments section below. Don’t forget to check out 9 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads.

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