Best Dog Breeds – How They Help You Tackle Loneliness

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It’s an undeniable truth that dogs make excellent companions. They are not only loyal but give comfort and warmth when we are feeling down. Research shows that many people consider themselves lonely at some point in life.

With a wide variety of dog breeds that can keep you busy and entertained, you only need to define your needs and get a dog that can best match your lifestyle.

You also need to keep in mind that most pet dogs are soft, beautiful and very friendly. They can be easily trained due to their gentle and sweet nature. To ensure that your dog enjoys being your companion, you can go the extra mile and learn how to train your dog to respect you.

This is to ensure you build the best relationships with your dog and enjoy quality times together. With that in mind, when choosing the best dog breed to tackle loneliness, here are some of the breeds to choose from. Best food for your dog is important. Visit this website for a guide on cannabis dog treats.  

1. The Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a beautiful dog – very friendly and is easy to train. Therefore, you can always spend enjoyable moments with this breed because of its friendly nature. Grooming this dog is also easy. It loves to be cuddled and you can do grooming once a week based on your preference.

It is also easy to exercise the Italian Greyhound since it loves to walk around and play. This dog can perfectly fit in a small to a medium house and thrives well with limited exercise. An Italian Greyhound has a lifespan of 12 years. 

2. The Papillon

The Papillon is also called a Continental Toy Spaniel and is known for its fun characteristics and beauty. They obedient and not very temperamental. Papillons make excellent companions with only a little love and care. 

It needs a daily exercise program of thirty minutes. Grooming is also crucial for the Pappilon because of its fur. It can live comfortably in any environment including in an apartment because of its body size. The dog has a lifespan of 12 years. 

3. The Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is also a friendly and affectionate dog. It loves to play, thanks to its high energy levels. The dog can help tackle loneliness in children and adults.

Grooming is essential once or twice a week. The dog can also adjust to any living environment but you can always build a small house for it. It loves to play in the garden area and based on your upbringing, it can be very friendly or temperamental. 

4. The Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is another dog that can help you deal with loneliness. It is good and friendlier to children. The dog loves to play in an open field. Therefore, if you live in an apartment, you can always get your dog out for a walk often.

The dog can be trained and exercised with ease and it has a lifespan of over 12 years. 

5. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is also a companionable dog. Moreover, it is an intelligent, active, and high minded pet. The best part is that it’s very easy to train and exercise. It’s a great housedog for both adult and children due to it’s calm and caring nature. 

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6. The Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the most sociable dog breeds that make great companions. It is small bodied, beautiful, loving and very loyal. The dog is a joy to be around and if you are an introvert or just lonely, this is the dog for you. 

7. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier king is considered another easygoing and cheerful dog. If you need a breed that is perfect for those lonely and calm moments, this is the pup you want to cuddle with. It is not too playful or too needy. It is just a perfect breed that can easily adapt to any environment. What is even more exciting about this breed is that it is very lovable.

It is easy to train, clean and grooming can be done once a week. 

8. The Green Dane

You will also love the Green Dane. It is a gentle giant due to its size and calm nature. The dog can appease your loneliness through its great affection, peaceful cuddles.

It’s also an easy to train, sharp dog. It can be shy at times and therefore, you need to keen on its upbringing to ensure it becomes your friend. 

9. The Lhasa APSO

The Lhasa Apso is an amazing breed. It is not only calm and beautiful but also very sensitive. This makes it one of the best companions you can ever have whenever you are lonely.

It loves to play and exercise. What’s more, it can adapt to any living environment. 

10. The Beagle

The Beagle is equally a beautiful companion. If you are an introvert and love spending alone time, this is an ideal companion for you. The dog is highly sociable, easy to train and it is a great breed for adults and children alike. For introverts, this is also a great breed because it has a great temper.

It is easy to exercise the dog and can adjust perfectly well in an apartment or a bungalow. 

11. The Poodle

If you want an amiable, faithful companion with exceptional instincts, the Poodle is the breed for you. You can cuddle, play, take a walk or nap with the dog. This is also one of the breeds that knows when you need your own space to wander around.

It can live comfortably in any environment and it doesn’t demand a lot of your time. 

12. The Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is yet another amazing, good-looking and fun dog. The dog is a big, active, friendly one with a soft nature. Due to its ability to be easily trained, it can make a perfect companion for children, lonely adults, and introverts. Moreover, it’s very gentle toward strangers, other family members, and friends.  

So, with its loving and caring nature, you can easily build lasting relationships with this breed.

Final Thoughts

Loneliness for an extended period of time can lead to isolation and depression. A suitable pet dog can easily cheer you up, improving the quality of your life. Your little buddy can be a great reason to overcome this depressing phase and to increase interaction with others. So, go ahead and get a pet dog!

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