Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds in The World According to Psychologist Stanley Coren

Stanley Coren In his book, “The Intelligence of Dogs” written in the 90’s, Stanley Coren, PhD, categorized the intelligence of dogs as adaptive, working, and instinctive. The first type refers to how fast they learn, while the second deals with how well dogs follow commands, and the last one refers to built-in talent. However, there are other types of intelligence in addition to these like kinesthetic, spatial, etc.

The list of the smartest dog breeds is based on the second category of intelligence – working intelligence.

Coren cites a study where 199 dog-obedience judges passed tests on the smartest dog breeds. This list names the dog breeds as per the time is taken to learn a new command and the time it took to get the command right. So here goes the name of the dog breeds that take less than five minutes to learn a new command and obey at least 95% of the time.

Look at the list and see if you’re a proud owner of one!

#1 Border Collie


#2 Poodle


#3 German Shepherd


#4 Golden Retriever


#5 Doberman Pinscher


#6 Shetland Sheepdog


#7 Labrador Retriever


#8 Papillon


#9 Rottweiler


#10 Australian Cattle Dog


That was the first tier or the creme de la creme of the smartest dogs!

However, the list can be looked at from different perspectives. For instance, how do we define intelligence in the first place? Is it merely because the top dogs are learning and obeying our commands that we place them on a pedestal? What about other dogs that may not be too intelligent from our point of view but still give us much love and companionship i.e. emotional intelligence? Isn’t emotional intelligence arguably more, or at least just as important as intellect? ? How would we feel if our boss looked only at the churn rate of our work without taking into consideration our underlying human qualities?

There can be so many facets to any phenomenon and an equal number of POVs!

The basis of this research and the resultant list may seem rather biased as humans have used only one type of intelligence – working intelligence – to gauge dogs on the smart meter.

Maybe dogs should be measured from a more holistic perspective, factoring in the other various types of intelligence.

What do you think? Please write your opinion in the comments section below and let us know how you feel about the top 10 smartest dogs! 

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