11 Questions Asked By Children That Always Leaves Parents Baffled


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Kids think very differently than adults. Their curious minds are always searching for answers. Maybe that’s why the questions they ask always stump us, especially parents. But it’s not right just to avoid those. Their keen sense will pick up when they are ignored and lied to. Laughing at their naivety is the last thing you want to do!

FeedFond has compiled a list of right answers to some of their baffling questions. First-time parents – take notes; also share them with couples who are expecting!

# Question 1: Where did I come from?


Being honest is best. But don’t go into details.

“Mommy and Daddy love each other and they kiss and hug. Dad and mom share cells and later a baby starts to grow inside mom’s belly. He’s like a fish and swims inside mom. When he gets bigger and there is no room, he is born.” The concepts of sperm eggs and more details can be explained to older children.

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# Question 2: Why are boys and girls different down ‘there’?


A child’s curiosity about their genitalia is a natural thing. So, explain them without any hesitation.

“Boys and girls are different down there so that children can be born. Boys have a penis and two testicles, Girls have a vagina and a womb (a special pouch inside where the baby grows. When a boy and a girl fall in love and want to have children. They come together like jigsaw puzzles. Later a new baby is born.”

# Question 3: Will I marry Mom when I grow up?


Young boys feeling attracted to the opposite sex generally ask this question. Just gently say ‘No.’

“Just like your sister can’t become your father, you also cannot become your mom’s husband. Every person in the family has different roles to play. When it’s your time to marry, your mom will be old. You will marry someone young and beautiful and eventually start a family together. You can still love and care for your mother”

# Question 4: Why do you argue?


Children always feel guilty whenever their parents argue. It’s in their subconscious. You must make your child understand that it’s not his/her fault.

“When people disagree with each other’s opinions. Everyone argues, children too. But we love each other and always make up. And mommy and daddy love you very much.”

# Question 5: Why is that lady so fat?


Don’t scold your child or shush them if they draw the attention of unusual people in a public place. This might grow an intolerance within them.

“Everyone is born different. There are tall, short, fat, thin and many others. Sometimes people look different because they are sick. If you point out their differences, they will feel hurt. If you are curious then ask your mommy or daddy later when we are alone.”

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# Question 6: Who do you love more: Me or my sister?


Parents love all their children equally. Don’t use another child as an example for their brothers and sisters. No matter what their success and failures were.

“You are different than your and sister. And so our love is shown to you in very different ways. But we love you all equally. Just as you love both mommy and daddy the same amount. You both are equally very dear to me.”

# Question 7: Will the doctor hurt me?


Going to the doctor may be scary. You should take time and explain to your child that treatment is required to get better. Don’t frighten them, call them coward and laugh because of it.

“The doctor will not hurt you. He is there to give you medicine that will take away germs and illness. I also had an injection when I was sick and I got better. Remember when our dog was sick? We took him to the doctor and he was scared at first too. But he was brave and after taking the medicine he got better.”

# Question 8: Will I die? Will You?


It’s not wise to lie to your children about death. It may come to us suddenly. Explain to them so that they can accept the truth.

“Every living thing in this world will die. It might be today or tomorrow. It’s the law of nature. Mommy and daddy will also die one day, but not soon. If there is no illness, I’ll pass away when I’m really old. One day you will also grow old and then leave, but you’ll have children, grandchildren and wonderful memories of your life.”

# Question 9: Why do you leave me to go to work?


The job is important. But it’s more important to make your child realize that even if you are gone, you will still miss him. And at the end of the day, you will return to your child.

“Mommy has to go to work but I really don’t want to leave you. I’ll miss you the whole time we’re apart. But we will see each other in the evening. So in the meantime, you keep my bracelet and I’ll keep your toy. So that we’ll stay together even we’re apart.”

# Question 10: Why are you allowed and I’m not?


Never portray to children that you are perfect. Admit your flaws and warn them of the mistakes you made.

“Sometimes daddy stays up late on the computer and smokes. Because I’ve made some mistakes, I’m telling you that you don’t have to copy me. I will try my best to give up my bad habits so that I can be a better person.”

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# Question 11: What if the monster under the bed eats me?

Take note when your child expresses fear and anxiety. You can work how to ease some of those fears and get rid of the rest.

“A monster? Tell me more about it! I was scared of monsters when I was little too! But your grandmother taught me a magic spell that makes monsters go away. Here, take the remote …. When you press THIS secret button, a spell will come out and the monster will vanish! Keep it safe under your pillow, ok?” 

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