10 Psychological Reasons Why Nice People Attract Toxic People

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While relationships can make us feel whole and complete, relationships with toxic people will lead to more heartbreaks than positive feelings. Not everybody is built with a sense of goodness, and hence they may be attracted to you solely for selfish reasons. Often people with a sunny demeanor tend to be a magnet for toxic people and for the sake of their own wellbeing, it is best to focus on themselves and get rid of toxic relationships.

Here are ten reasons why you are attracting toxic people to your life.

1) You love to build bridges

You really do not like it when things go wrong between you and someone you consider to be of significance to you. And hence, go to lengths in order to build bridges and keep in touch with them, irrespective of whether or not they deserve it.

2) You are full of positivity

Simply put, you are a very nice, warm and friendly person and don’t speak out when someone treats you badly. You try to see the good in others and your bright nature seems to be exactly what is desired by those who have toxic tendencies.

3) You believe in good things

You believe that people, in general, are good and can be changed through positive behavior. In a toxic relationship, you wait for that change to take place; you’ll  go to any extent to bring about the good in others. This is often misused by those who have lesser intentions.

4) You are very understanding

You usually try your best to understand people and give them the benefit of doubt. Your mind probably says “It’s okay, I think (s)he was busy… that is why (s)he did not show up and forgot to let me know”. That is why you go on giving second chances. It is a very good thing to be understanding but, a person cannot be too busy that they are constantly disrespectful of your time. But if someone goes on taking without thinking about giving back in return, you should seriously consider your own well-being and avoid people who disrespect your time.

5) You are too kind

Toxic people see you as someone who is kind and radiates a lot of hope. They believe you can help fix their situation. The truth is, no one can help another person unless they truly desire it. People who are toxic will drain your energy instead.

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6) You do not value yourself

You place more value on the well-being of others than your own. This ends up attracting people who are parasitic to your life

7) Wrongly directed time and energy

You seem to have no issues with spending your time and energy over people who do not deserve it. The fact that you give so much effort to someone who does not deserve it makes them want to be with you more and more because they know that you always make them feel good about themselves.

8) You don’t set boundaries

You do not set limits in regards to how people can treat you. Also, you always give people the benefit of doubt whenever they treat you badly; but then, as a result, they are at a liberty to behave with you in whichever manner they wish. You teach people how to treat you – what you will and won’t accept.

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9) You need to be needed


Sometimes as human beings we love the fact that we are needed. You probably love to help others and when others need you, you feel a sense of meaning. This need drives people who do not have good intentions to come to you and take advantage of your nature.

10) When you are vulnerable

Due to events in our lives, we become vulnerable to our emotions and in these moments of weakness, we attract people who seem to be amicable but are actually toxic. Moments of weakness should be used for becoming stronger later, but if you are not careful about whom you are attracted to during these moments, they can cause a lifetime of pain.

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