These Are The 6 Special Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone


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Did you know there is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely? Most people get these two terms mixed up, confusing one for the other. A loner will always prefer being alone, but they will never feel lonely.

Yes extroverts, people like this exist. Every personality type falls into two categories— extroverts or introverts. People who like being alone fall into the latter category. But there have been many extroverted introverts and introverted extroverts who like being alone.

We at FeedFond gathered 6 special personality traits of people who like spending time alone. Check it out and think if you know someone you know matches one or more of these personality traits!

#1 They are extremely loyal.

People who like being alone generally don’t have large social circles. They have trustworthy and meaningful relationships. They are always the first one to step forward in times of need and will always be there for you!

#2 The are open to new ideas.

Just because they are alone, doesn’t mean they are closed-minded. On the contrary, they are very open-minded and excited about new things. They just balance it out with spending time alone before engaging in highly social activities.

#3 They have a level head.

As they spend a lot of time alone, they use that time to envision and brainstorm about problems, ideas, and solutions. This allows them to have a strong sense of individuality and confidence. Their alone time is spend recharging, rather than bothering with distractions.

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#4 They are comfortable with their own thoughts.

We all get into a slump once in a while. But people who are comfortable being alone don’t bother with inner thoughts. They have a very clear conscience.

#5 They understand the value of time—yours and theirs.

A loner, who spends their time alone understands the value of time. They prioritize time and utilize it to the best of their ability. As a result, it makes them function at their highest level. They also avoid people who are not worth their time.

#6 They have a strong sense of boundaries.

A loner will always exercise strong, healthy boundary. They understand themselves and have clear ideals and strong goals. This allows them to respect their boundaries and that of others. They believe that if you are not faithful to yourself, you aren’t faithful to anyone.

Does any of these traits match your personality?

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Bonnie Crawford
Bonnie Crawford

Excellent post! I am an introvert and completely relate to all of these traits. A year or so ago I read an interesting book titled something like “Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” Loved it, and so did one of my introverted best friends.

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