2 Must-See Travel Destinations for Avid Sea Lovers

Travel Destinations for Sea Lovers

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Whether you are a professional surfer, an avid swimmer or just a person who loves waves, you have to add these places to your to-visit list. We have checked them ourselves, and now it is time for you to see the brilliance of azure water and its activities. 

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto VallartaIt is a young resort on the western coast of Mexico. This city is filled with unbelievable stories, secret beaches, stunning views, and extreme entertainment.

Let us dig a little bit deeper. Or should we say “dive into”?

Puerto Vallarta is a small town located on the shore of one of the biggest bays in Mexico – Bahia de Banderas. There were a few angel’s huts here just 70 years ago. Now, it is a trendy resort! The town quickly flourished after tourists discovered local magnificence.

Nowadays, villas, mansions, and luxurious hotels dominate the coastline. Vallarta managed to preserve an atmosphere of a cozy Mexican town despite the tourist boom. The houses are small and colorful. There are cactuses instead of flowerbeds. The local sun is scorching-hot throughout the entire year. What does this city have to offer for sea lovers? 


There are you have two choices – public beach or a secluded luxury resort. Do not worry, azure ocean water and golden sand are in the package whichever way you choose. Moreover, an unusual sail-shaped pier is situated right on the beach, so you will have a lot of great pictures anyway.

Option number two provides you with something super mega luxury exclusive – Las Caletas Beach Hideaway. The main shtick is a selection of private floats with sand, hammocks and palm trees. The system is really impressive. The waves are rocking the float, then the float is rocking the hammock, and the hammock is rocking you.

No history assignments or physics tasks. In case you can’t relax thinking about the pile of essays, you could use professional college homework help.

On the second day, you can go to a unique secret beach located on the Marietas Islands. This group of inhabited islands is a love child of a once furious volcano and the Pacific Ocean. An astonishing Hidden Beach is the foremost gem on these islands.

You cannot get there on just any boat, it must be authorized vehicle because these islands are a Mexican national treasure protected by the authorities. There were more restrictions along the way – they only let you in there for twenty minutes.

The path to the beach is highly dangerous. You struggle with mighty waves that keep you from swimming inside the narrow entrance, they are trying to smash you over the rocks. But once you have made it, you will understand what natural hideaway is.

Underwater World

If you want to explore the underwater world of Puerto Vallarta, order a private diving tour. There is so much of everything here! Abudefduf, butterflyfish, sea bass, and even chocolate clarkia clownfish! Packs of reef fish, snappers, sea urchins and hundreds of other fish.

So, even if you come to Mexico during the low season and bad weather the local waters will keep you entertained.

Moreover, one of the most incredible natural wonders in the region is located near Puerto Vallarta – Los Arcos Marine Park. A few small beautiful granite islands are protruding from waters of a scenic bay with caves, grottos, and arches.

Somehow, natural beauty is not the main attraction on these islands. The local waters are brimming with numerous colorful fish and manta rays! This place attracts snorkelers from all over the world.

Something Special

Still not impressed? As a sea lover, you probably adore dolphins. They are marine mammals belonging to cetacean. They have intellect, conscience, and dozens of superpowers.

Their language that includes 14,000 sound signals, but the best thing about them is their friendliness. They gladly play with people. In here you can spend around $60 on realizing a childhood dream.

All you need to do is to purchase a special boat tour.

If you felt like getting some thrills, try a zip line. Yeah, we know, it sounds like a usual thing, but that is not the case this time. The height equals to that of a fourteen-story building!

Three football fields long. Top speed – 120 kilometers per hour! The sensations are mind-blowing. Feels like you are about to ram into a tree at this breakneck speed.

The last but not the least secret of Puerto Vallarta is a volunteer camp which is located not too far from the beach. Time to time, they release the baby turtles into the ocean. Only one baby turtle in a thousand survives in the wild without human assistance.

Volunteer programs increase those odds to one in a hundred! So, if you want to cry like a little girl, come to places like this one. Whether it is raining or the sun is out, you shut everything off completely!

It will surely melt any heart. You just want to experience the process. By the way, many travel agents offer this type of “activity” in their package tours. However, you could simply visit a volunteer camp and assist the nature free of charge.

You do not expect anything extraordinary from a young resort. Just another boardwalk and beach. But Puerto Vallarta knows how to astonish you. It is as if they were able to mix everything here. The best part is that there is so much of everything here!

Enough for both the wealthy sea lover and a backpacker.

Gran Canaria

Gran CanariaThis time we decided to pay attention to Canary Islands – seven exotic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Although they are very close to Africa, they are still a part of Spain.

Why Gran Canari? Because it is an island of never-ending summer, otherworldly landscapes, and incredible views. 

The Land Before Times

You do not get the impression that you came to resort when you are driving through Gran Canaria. Everything here seems to be covered by fog, which makes the landscape looks mystical.

According to the legend, Canary Islands are what remains of the lost Atlantis. Gran Canaria Island is over 14 million years old! It seems as if the landscapes here did not change one bit.

You are just itching to take the car off the road.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean provides perfect conditions to explore the underwater world. The local waters are always warm. Hence, there are many creatures around. The water is crystal clear, that is why you can see every fish in the smallest detail.

Check out loner, spiky bullhead, a carnivorous grouper, and a frightening moray eel. There is so much fish that you can chase it eternally. The Atlantic Ocean can satisfy any diver’s taste. It only costs 120 Euro to see this magnificence.

This is the lengthiest and the saltiest ocean in the world. Its bottom is considered the youngest amongst all oceans. You do not even need a boat for diving here! Simply get in off the shore.


Gran Canaria has a pleasant surprise for a tourist on a tight budget – a large number of free beaches. Moreover, they are all very different. El Confital beach is wide and spacious with snow-white sand. Punta del Palo is a narrow strip of a beach with black volcanic sand. Roque Prieto is a natural seawater pool created by both nature and humans.

The ocean chiseled its gulfs. The human finished the job by building barriers and paved entrances with handrails. It is time to take a dip! You get used to temperature (+17) over some time and begin to enjoy the marvelous scenery.

In order not to travel far, you can visit the central city beach – Las Centras.

Fishing and Surfing

A special kind inhibits these waters – Blue Marlin. They can weight up to 500 kilograms! Here you can try your luck in catching it. All you need are rented fishing boat, fly-fishing rod, and patience.

Be ready that fishing is like playing who will blink first. It is all about waiting. You have a lot of time to read, take a nap or sunbathe. If the thoughts of the unfinished paper are tearing you apart, let the professional team of writers help with the assignment.

Are you still bored? Then look beneath your feet (or boat) – the dolphins are swimming right under it. Dolphins do save people, at least from the boredom of fishing. Even if you do not catch marlin, the tuna will definitely be at your dinner table.

Perhaps, it is for the better that you will catch tuna instead of a marlin. You would have to release the marlin according to the law. Tuna you can keep.

Surfing is the most popular way to have fun on the Canary Islands. To feel the power of waves, you need to pay only five euro per hour for your surf and five more Euros for a wetsuit.

That is a very reasonable deal! You also have a chance to catch the wind with a sail.

The Gran Canaria is like a miniature museum. Where each hall is a detached corner of the world. Even a seasoned traveler will never find this museum dull. You can safely say that you have seen the entire world after returning from this island. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are hundreds of unforgettable destinations for someone who wants to surf and swim, starting with Mallorca and ending with Costiera Amalfitana.

Why Puerto Vallarta and Gran Canaria? To fall in love with the sea once and for all.


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