Truth or Myth? Can Ice Cubes Really Be Harmful For Dogs?

Due to recent stories, social media posts, and articles on the web, many of you are wondering the effects of ice cubes or ice on your dog. There are various accounts where some are saying that dogs eating ice cubes will cause death. Some say that one such ‘veterinarian’ operated on a dog to alleviate ‘bloating’. So, are ice cubes harmful to dogs?

Well, I’m here with a brief explanation on why you shouldn’t worry at all.

Ice water is just water that you freeze. Duh! You probably share lots of frozen treats with your dog. During winter dogs are seen eating/drinking iced water from their bowl without any harm.

# Bloating in Dogs

To get a more expert opinion, we consulted with Dr. Tina Wismer from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The Bloating story – one that started the rumors – is totally false. It’s true that Bloating, or gastric dilation volvulus, can be a life-threatening condition. But drinking ice water causing dogs to bloat? Absurd!

Bloating occurs when the dog’s stomach fills up with gas and the abdomen rotates. It is commonly seen in large-breed dogs with big chests. There are several factors that can increase the chances for a dog to bloat. They are:

– Having only one meal a day
– History of bloating in the family
– Hasty eating
– Eating and drinking after exercise
– Having no water before and after meals
– Age

I hope we’re clear that ice cubes do not kill dogs.

# The advantages of giving ice cubes to dogs

Dogs should be allowed to cool down after exercise and before giving them food. They may accidentally gulp a mouthful of air and that will do more harm than good. You can give them ice cubes to slow them down and adjust the water intake.

There have been other ideas of treating heat stroke with ice. Don’t go and dump a bucket of ice if your dog does not appear to be cooling down. Use wet towels and fans to cool them off first.

Dr. Wismer also mentioned that owners need to use common sense and make sure they are not trying to treat heat stroke with ice water. “If you think your dog has heatstroke you should get it to the veterinarian immediately. Do not waste time trying to get the dog to drink,” she adds.

So, it’s cool if you want to share iced treats with your dog. They are not dangerous.

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