10 Ultimate Small Business Opportunities to be Successful in Thailand

Ultimate Small Business Opportunities to be Successful in Thailand

Being an employee is a safe way to earn money, but it also gives you less freedom. So, if you are a self-starter and want to be your own boss, starting up a business is the best option for you. 

However, you have to look for the right opportunities and analyze them before you jump in.

Today, we are listing 10 ultimate business ideas in Thailand. These have been tested to be profitable and well-received among the people.  Have a look at these business options and see which one fits your profile most closely. 

With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, you will be successful in no time. 


Thailand is a very busy country. People work as much as they can to sustain their livelihood. It’s one of the reasons why restaurants are so popular in Thailand. 

You can start small by opening up a fast-food restaurant or simply a snack bar. You can also put your heritage into the mix and offer food from your country. 

This will attract both local people and foreigners alike if you are able to offer good cuisine representing your homeland. If you are from a European country, you will find yourself serving many European tourists. They all seek as much variety as possible. 

So, opening up different restaurants other than the local food items would be a profitable venture. 

This idea is very feasible, and you need very little investment to make it possible. Plus, you get a good customer exposure no matter where you place your business. 

Jewelry Shop

There is a very high demand for jewelry items in Thailand. Most tourists want to take a token back home, so they like to buy exotic items from Thailand. They also look for cosmetics and other toiletries. 

This business can be a bit expensive if you don’t know the right source for the jewelry.  You have to set up a good supplier relationship to find your products at affordable prices. 

You can also import the goods from nearby countries and sell them in Thailand. 

Selling jewelry to the tourists would be the most profitable option, but they are few in number, so you can also sell to the locals. 

Freelance Web Design and Digital Marketing Service

Slowly but surely, all the business owners in Thailand are noticing the usefulness of online marketing. They are heading toward more digitalization. This is creating a huge market for online services.

On the other hand, there are a lot of unemployed people in Thailand who are skilled in online services. You can bring this demand and supply together and open up an online service. 

If you have good knowledge of online design and promotion, you can open up a freelancing business very easily. This is quite a profitable business and is in high demand right now.

Real Estate Business 

One of the most beautiful things about opening up a real estate business is it works uniformly, meaning that the same functionality and the same rules apply everywhere. This is an extremely profitable business if you have the right capital and the right network. 

Ownership of property in Thailand is becoming increasingly difficult for foreign people, especially because of strict government laws. Foreigners are willing to spend more in order to find the right real estate. 

This creates a huge opportunity for you if you are a local. 

But, don’t be saddened if you are a foreigner yourself. You can work as a consultant and advise other foreigners about buying the right real estate. Sites like cornerstone.co.th can help you look for openings. You can find the list of ideal estates from there. 

Smart Technology and Smart Gadgets 

One of the businesses with less complexity and higher profitability is selling tech gadgets. People in Thailand are constantly looking for tech updates,  so smart products are a big hit in Thailand at the moment. 

If you are from the right country and have a good importing connection with tech companies, you are in luck. Smartphones, laptops, DSLR cameras, notebooks, touchscreen TVs,  and other tech gadgets would be the right place to start. All you need is to find the right source to import these smart gadgets. 

The people of Thailand, as well as foreigners, buy smart gadgets on a regular basis, so you’ll never run out of business. 

Cars and Other Automated Machines 

There is a very big market for cars and other automated machines in Thailand, but somehow, there are not many suppliers in this field. This creates a huge opportunity for investors. 

The fact that this type of business needs a bigger capital investment might frighten a few, but you also have to consider the chances for profitability. 

The demand for cars and other automobiles are skyrocketing, it is not hard to stand out in the market if you have some work experience in selling automobiles. 

The investment is a big factor though, so if you don’t have the money, you can also try repairing automobiles. You can open up a repair shop and still run a profitable business. 

Health Care Services and Facilities 

A growing number of Thai people are being cautious about their health. In recent days, there has been a huge boost in the country’s health insurance policies. 

This is a sign that the country requires more healthcare facilities. This can be a fine chance for you to jump into the market. You can open up a healthcare center. 

Start with adequate doctors, physicians, pharmacists, chiropractors, and so on. Building the whole thing could be a bit complex, but if you work with the right people, it shouldn’t be too difficult to have the business up and running in short order.

And if you are a doctor yourself, then Thailand is probably one of the best options to open up a small practice. You can hire a receptionist and a nurse and perform healthcare services on your own. 

Freelance Content Creation Business 

If you have a way with words, then you can start as a freelance writer in Thailand. Many Thailand companies are looking for creative writers as they are focusing more and more on foreign customers. This creates a huge market for writers as there are countless needs for content every day. 

Thais regularly need social media content, blog post content, promotional content, banner content, brochure content, and other descriptive content. 

Ultimately, the scope for writing content in Thailand is never-ending. The trick is you have to be very good at what you do. 

This is a very easy way to start your own business with very low capital. All you need is a few good laptops and a few good writers. Work will come to you if you just start writing content. 

Cultivating or Selling Agricultural Products

If you are on a very low budget but want a sustainable source of income, then agricultural products might be the thing for you. Farming in Thailand is rather easy. Because of the climate and the nutrient-soil of the land, this is one business that never fails and never runs out of demand.

You can open a small poultry shop if you are running low on budget. The bigger the amount of capital you have, the bigger the farm you can establish. 

You can also farm exotic food items and other vegetables. 

Planting herbs is also another great option, as most foreigners look for exotic herbs from Thailand.  

As you can see, the options are limitless when you want to start farming,  but you have to maintain patience and consistency. This will ensure that you are producing items of superior quality. 

Apparel and Garments 

As I have mentioned before, Thailand has a lot of human resources. Many people in Thailand are unemployed and looking for a sustainable job. This makes the country very open to producing garments and apparel. 

The labor needed for sewing garments is very cheaply available in Thailand, so you can easily open up a garment business in the country with an available labor force.

This is a very safe area to invest your money,  as the demand for garments products is always greater than the supply. The demand for garments is high both locally and globally. 

There are people from the country looking for better clothes with a finer finish. On the other hand, foreigners traveling in Thailand also tend to buy a lot of clothes.

They are rather cheaper in Thailand. Furthermore, you can export your clothing items to retail outlets and sell them online.


Opening up a business takes patience and courage, but, most importantly, you have to work hard. Analyzing and seizing the right opportunity can open the door of success for you. 

I hope you find your place of passion among these 10 business ventures. These are profitable businesses in Thailand, no doubt about it. But, you also have to align your personal interest into the mix. 

Only then will you be able to truly run a successful business.

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