11 Beauties Who Have Given a New Definition to Beauty

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As times change, so does the definition of beauty. Gone are the days when tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and pencil-thin models were the only ones to crack the top runway deals. Now we can see models of all shapes, sizes, skin color, and mental abilities walk the ramp proudly. These women have given the meaning of beauty a totally new dimension.

FeedFond has collected pictures of 11 such women who have redefined the traditional meaning of beauty and have made it big on the fashion scene. Scroll down to find out more.

#11 Lolita, the black Hannah Montana

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOU3VRmBYm1/

Calling herself the black Hannah Montana, Lolita inspires all schoolgirls to focus on their studies and graduation instead of trying to be “bad” to impress guys. She’s a supermodel and is relentless on her mission to convince girls that they are fine just the way they are.

She encourages girls not to be worried about makeup and hair as long as they are cool with it.

#10 Diandra Forrest


Albinism in dark-skinned people is very rare and is highly appreciated in the fashion industry. Diandra is an African-American albino with green eyes.

#9 Moffy


With olive green eyes and light hair, Moffy, the cross-eyed model, is dubbed as the new Kate Moss.

#8 Casey Legler


Casey is a former French swimmer and the first woman to model men’s clothes.

#7 Denise Bidot


Plus-size Puerto Rican Denise Bidot looks as alluring and sexy in her curves as any other top fashion model. She routes for all women who weigh more than 121 pounds (55kg).

#6 Jamie Brewer


The successful model with Down Syndrome is showing a new way of looking at people with this condition. Jamie is also a successful actress for the show, American Horror Story.  

#5 Carmen Dell’Orefice


The 84-year old lady poses for the best fashion magazines in the world, including Vogue. Carmen is a regular runway walker and is featured in a host of advertising campaigns for top brands.

#4 Masha Tyelna


Ukranian model Masha has extraordinary large eyes that give her the nicknames “ beautiful elf” or “alien”.

#3 Erica Irwin


35-year-old Californian model Erica Irwin is considered one of the tallest models in the world with her height of 6.7 ft (205 cm).

#2 Viktoria Modesta


The Latvian-born singer-songwriter and model—Viktoria—sports her artificial leg on the ramp. Her leg was injured the day she was born and had to be amputated after a series of unsuccessful surgeries.

#1 Chantelle Brown-Young


Representing diversity and progression, Chantelle is a runway queen who’s not bothered by her skin condition: vitiligo. In fact, she has encouraged others with vitiligo to come out from behind their makeup. (Link to After Nearly A Decade Of Hiding Her Face, Mariah Finally Wipes Off Makeup)

Check out more inspirational stories here. Share your thoughts with us on how you define beauty.

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