15 Surprising Mysteries Of The Universe Scientists Can’t Explain

In this day and age, it’s easy to assume science has all the answers to your questions. Whether it has to do with the universe, the animal kingdom, or even us homo sapiens, you’d think that scientists would have figured out the biggest, most complex mysteries of life. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth…

FeedFond has compiled 15 mysteries of the universe that continue to boggle the scientists to this very day.

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#1 Cats purr but how?

You know that cats purr when they’re happy. But do you know how? The funny thing is that when they purr, you can’t hear their heartbeat! Cats also purr when they are hurt or uncomfortable. Scientists claim that they use their vocal cords to make the vibrating sounds. But they still have not been able to prove this claim.

#2 Where did some creatures originate?

Scientists are still researching the origins of some creatures. The woolly mammoth is a great example of a creature that has no known origin. Amphibians are another example; no one seems to know if, how, or when amphibians evolved from fish. Likewise, scientists still don’t know where mammals came from because they appeared to appear around the time that the dinosaurs became extinct.

#3 The mysterious bovine case

Scientists have studied thousands of cows across continents, different weather conditions and topography. Invariably, in all cases, it has been revealed that cows turn their head either to the north or the south direction while they are eating or drinking.

#4 Gelatinous rain

In August 1994, Oakville, Washington residents experienced a different kind of rain – a gelatinous rain. Instead of the regular raindrops, lumps of jelly fell from the sky. Many people got flu-like symptoms the following day. But the mystery is that when scientists tested this gelatinous substance, they found it contained two types of bacteria. One of these is related to the human digestive tract. To this day the mysterious connection between these two phenomenon is still unknown.

#5 The Dark Mystery

It’s still a mystery that scientists haven’t figured out yet. Just what is dark matter that takes up about 27% of the universe? As there’s no exchange of emissions or electromagnetic rays, it’s still a mystery. Another point proving that science has still a long way to go.

#6 How many planets are out there?

Although scientists have ousted Pluto from the original nine group of planets that form our solar system, there have been objects identified beyond Pluto that are larger in size. So, if we apply the logic relating to size, should these objects be counted as planets? Another mystery waiting to be solved.

#7 Why are most people right-handed?

About 75% to 90% of the people in the world are right-handed. So what is it that makes you a lefty? There could be some genetic influence but this gene is yet to be identified. Seems like there’s no end to the unexplained mysteries of life!

#8 Whatever happened to megafauna?

Scientists are still trying to unravel the mystery behind the death and extinction of giant animals. These disappeared from the face of the earth around 10,000 years ago. Although there is a hypothesis that these animals died due to the change in climate, there is no concrete evidence.

#9 Why do we have dreams?

Some believe that dreams are an expression of our deepest desires and experiences. Others claim that our dreams are an interconnection of images and brain waves. Scientists say that our dreams are visual expressions of what lies in our psyche. But what lies in the psyche is still an unsolved mystery.

#10 Sounds from the Space

Scientists in 2006 were puzzled at the sound coming from the space when they were studying new stars. This cosmic sound was six times louder than expected. Sound waves can’t travel through vacuum which is what most of space consists of. But radio waves can travel through space and they make a hissing sound. But the sound that the scientists heard was more of a roar.

#11 Different blood types

Scientists are yet to find out why people have different blood groups. The hypothesis is that different blood groups function in varying degrees to fight off infections and diseases. But the truth is nobody still knows why the blood groups vary in the first place.

#12 ESP

The sixth sense is another phenomenon that continues to dumbfound people. How or why people have an intuition or a sense about the future? Although some cultures swear by soothsayers, there is no scientific explanation yet about the power to foresee what’s in store.

#13 Why do we yawn?

Yes, we yawn when we’re sleepy or bored. But is there any scientific explanation? Well, it seems that scientists have to delve deeper into this topic before they come up with any satisfactory explanation.

#14 Déjà vu

Have you ever been struck by something happening at the present which you feel you have seen in the past? It’s like watching a re-run except that it puzzles us and makes us wonder where it happened before. Scientists are yet to offer an explanation of such psychic experiences.

#15 Water, water everywhere

Scientists are at a loss to find out why water has always been on the Earth in its liquid form. If the sun was too far away from Earth to melt the ice, then how come water existed ever since the evolution of life 4 billion years back? Another unexplained mystery.

Do you have anything to add to this list of unexplained mysteries? Write your thoughts or comments in the section below.

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