Being Single on Valentine’s Day: 9 Stages of Denial



By some cosmic force, if Aphrodite (the goddess of love) has not smiled at you and you are single this Valentine’s day, Lord bless your soul. We all want to feel fulfilled every day of our lives, so why not on this day too? Here are some things we tell ourselves when we are single on this dreaded day in order to “feel” better.  

How many can you relate to?

#9 I don’t care about Valentine’s Day.

Well, not caring about Valentine’s Day is the first stage of denial. You tell yourself that it’s just another day where couples give each other cards and chocolates. Not that you care, because you are single.

#8  Why is everyone freaked out about finding a date?

You are relieved you don’t have to go to an overcrowded restaurant and fight for that super-expensive desert. You are content with chips… and nachos.

#7 Going on to go on a self-date. My life, my choice.

You don’t have to play dress up and groom yourself to the nines You would’ve probably hated your “might have been” date after only a few hours. Thank god you’re home.


#6 My past Valentines were nightmares.

Thinking about the past failures with previous Valentine’s dates are now giving you the creeps. All of those were a train wreck… and you saw those coming. Except maybe that one time… oh well! Can’t expect miracles every year.

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