Top 12 Amazing Hacks with Vicks VapoRub You Should Know

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It’s very likely that from the time you were a child you’ve seen Vicks VapoRub being used for mainly one purpose—rubbing on the chest to relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu. But did you know it can be used for a host of other purposes like treating foot fungus or even getting rid of acne?

Well, read on to discover some amazing uses for Vicks VapoRub. We bet you’ll want to rush out to buy this multipurpose balm—made with eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor—that is, if you don’t already have it.

Note: Make sure you’re not allergic to Vicks VapoRub before using it. Apply some on the back of your hand and if the skin turns red or itches, don’t use it. VapoRub is not recommended for children under 2 years old as it might affect their respiratory system. Finally, if in doubt, consult your doctor prior to using VapoRub.

#12 Treats Earache

If you get an earache, put a little bit of VapoRub on a small cotton ball and put it inside your affected ear. Leave it for a few hours for temporary relief. (You’ll need to consult a doctor to identify the cause of your earache.)

#11 Get Rid of Belly Fat

Though much cheaper than commercial slimming creams, Vicks VapoRub makes a good home remedy to help get rid of belly fat. Before doing any ab work out,  apply a paste made from one tablespoon of crushed tablet camphor, one tablespoon of alcohol, one tablespoon of baking soda, and half a jar of Vicks VapoRub. Wrap the area with plastic wrap. After you’ve done your workout, rinse off the paste with water. For best results, apply 2 to 3 times a week.

#10 Soft Heels

This works much like Vaseline: apply Vicks VapoRub every night before going to bed and put on an old pair of socks. In the morning, rinse it off in cold water and rub your heels with a pumice stone to get rid of dead cells. Apply a foot moisturizer. Repeat a few times a week to get soft heels.

#9 Gets Rid Of Toenail Fungus

Apply Vicks VapoRub every night on any toenails affected with fungus and put on a clean pair of socks. Wash your toes the next morning and clip off as much of the affected nails as possible. Repeat every night till you notice results.

#8 Soothes Back And Muscle Pain

Gently apply and massage Vicks VapoRub on areas where you have muscle or back pain. The natural ingredients contained in VapoRub help relieve stressed muscles and even treat “tennis elbow”.

#7 Insect Repellant

If you ever find you’ve run out of insect repellant, try keeping an open jar of Vicks VapoRub nearby and watch how insects keep their distance!

#6 Prevent Pet “ Accidents” Indoors

Sometimes pets can use corners inside our home to relieve themselves. To prevent this, put Vicks VapoRub in more frequented corners. This will keep your pet away.

#5 Gets Rid of Bruises

Rub VapoRub gently on a bruise to reduce swelling and heal the bruise faster.

#4 Gets Rid of Acne

Apply a thin layer of VapoRub to acne-affected areas and leave it overnight. Wash off next morning and repeat for a few days till you see noticeable results.

#3 Relieves Headaches

The menthol in Vicks VapoRub helps to reduce blood pressure in your head. Consequently, it reduces headaches. Rub a small amount gently on your forehead.

#2 Prevents Cats From Scratching On The Furniture

To prevent your cat from scratching your curtains and furniture, leave some Vicks VapoRub in these areas and your cat will not go anywhere near them.

#1 Reduces Stretch Marks

Rub Vicks VapoRub daily on stretch marks and you will see them disappear within two weeks.

If you know of any more hacks with VapoRub, please share them with us in the Comments section below! For more hacks, read 18 Brilliant Ways To Use Ordinary Things In The Most Extraordinary Way.

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