Giant Straw Animals Are Invading The Fields Of Japan!

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The Japanese culture is full of celebrations and festivals and one such festival is the Wara Art Festival. When the harvest of the fall season is done, the people of Northern Japan has found a wild and innovative way to repurpose the leftover straw.

The Wara Art Festival has been taking place in Niigata City since 2008. At first, it began as a collaboration between the city tourism division and Musashino Art University. However, it has now grown leaps and bounds!

Rice straw has been widely used in Japan to make tatami mats and various other goods, but it was replaced by wood and plastic. The leftover straw has very little use and mostly disposed of. But the students of Musashino came together and created giant animal sculptures in the fields of Niigata. The tradition continues every year.

Check out the pieces from the 2017 festival. Make sure you visit Niigata in the fall if you ever plan a trip to Japan!

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