10 Foods to Avoid if You Want a Washboard Tummy


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You have always dreamed of having washboard abs so that you can show it off on the beach or when you wear crop tops. But these dreams elude you. You start to wonder just what does it take to have washboard abs? Well, there are certain types of food that you MUST avoid if you want to have your dream six-pack.

FeedFond has collected the top 10 food items that you should steer clear away from in your pursuit of a flat belly.

#10 Sugar-free products

Sugar-free products are meant for diabetic patients. So, if your blood sugar level is normal, avoid sugar-free products because although they may be free from white sugar, they still contain sugar from milk or fruit.

#9 Foods that cause the tummy to bloat

Identify foods that give you a bloated stomach and avoid them. Examples are beans and legumes, grains, and fizzy drinks. Taking apple cider vinegar regularly can reduce bloating.

#8 Ice cream

Though you may scream for ice cream, it’s best reserved for an occasional treat if you want that washboard tummy. Ice cream is full of sugar which isn’t great for your waistline. It turns into fat and is stored in your belly. So, steer clear away from that ice cream tub!

#7 French fries

Though a convenient and tasty snack, French fries are deep fried and absorb saturated fats easily. Stay away from French fries and in fact, all things deep fried.

#6 Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise consists of at least 80% fat, making it an unhealthy condiment or dip. Instead, opt for vegetable or tomato puree. You can make a healthy version of mayonnaise using coconut oil

#5 Fast food

Burgers, French fries, and other types of fast food should be avoided to help you get a flat belly. Fast food is loaded with calories that will only add inches to your stomach.

#4 High-sodium diet

Limit your salt intake. It’s as harmful as sugar. Too much salt will be retained by your body, bloating it, and will actually work against you.

#3 Chewing gum

Chewing gum sends the wrong signal to your brain: food is coming. Avoid chewing gum because it will actually make you hungry.

#2 Soft drinks

Soft drinks are loaded with tons of sugar, even the low-calorie ones. They slow your metabolism and make you pack on the pounds. Opt for these drinks instead to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. 

#1 Alcohol

In addition to having a lot of calories—especially sugary drinks—alcoholic drinks increase your appetite and make your brain think you’re still hungry. That’s why people tend to consume so many salty snacks with their alcoholic drinks.

Check out how you can lose belly fat by consuming eggs daily. If you have more tips on losing belly fat, please share in the Comments section below.

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