The Way You Hold Hands Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship

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Human beings crave physical connection and it all begins with holding hands. This simple action establishes a bond between two people. It encourages trust, security, intimacy, comfort, and love. Although overlooked by many, this small gesture can reveal a lot about your relationship.

We at FeedFond have listed the real meaning behind different types of hand-holding. See which one matches yours!

# Holding fingers and slightly pulling the hand

This is common when one partner is more dominating than the other. The person who pulls the hand is usually making the decisions most of the time.

# Linked arms

Couples link arms at social events to show unity. However, if such is seen in a regular setting, it signifies insecurity. One might take their partner’s arm to seek protection.

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# ‘Reinforcement’ from the other hand

This type of hand-holding might not always portray a positive sign. This signifies a possessiveness that borderlines crazy. However, this may also mean that the relationship has entered a serious stage.

# The one-finger hold

First of all, couples who respect each other’s privacy and prioritize individual independence are seen holding hands this way. It can also mean that their care for each other is receding and may go back to just being friends.

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# Interlocked fingers

Couples interlacing fingers share intimacy and passion. Therefore, they have a strong connection with one another. It’s important to firmly grip the hand of your partner while holding hands like this. If one is relaxed, it’s a cause for concern.

# Down facing palm

This type of hand-holding signifies affection rather than passion. The person who’s palm faces downward usually has a stronger personality and often seen leading the other.

It’s just like the Beatles song –  “Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something, I think you’ll understand, When I say that something, I wanna hold your hand.”

How do you hold hands with your partner?

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