4 Ways to Cut Down On Your Home Energy Bill

Ways to Cut Down On Your Home Energy Bill

It can be incredibly stressful when the month comes to an end and you have a pile of bills to pay. More often than not, the largest bill you have to bill is your energy bill.

If you’re used to paying an arm and a leg, then you’re in luck. Following these 4 expert tips will help you cut costs, so you can spend your hard-earned money on the things and experiences you love.

1. Unplug When You Leave

Unplugging your appliances when you’re not in your house can make a huge difference to your energy bill. It makes sense when you think about it—why would you pay to have your TV running when you’re not even there to watch it? Or your toaster when you’re not using it?

Unplugging is the way to go. Approximately 5% to 10% of your electricity expenditure is used by devices that are plugged in around the clock. That’s a substantial chunk of your electricity bill!

Of course, there are some things you won’t want to unplug, like your refrigerator. But there are more than enough items in your house that you can do without keeping plugged.

Sure, it will take a bit of time to do so before you leave the house, but once you start the habit of doing so it will just become another task in your leaving the house routine.

2. Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Swapping your regular light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs is a simple way to slash your electricity bills. If you’ve thought about buying them before, but we’re put off by the relatively higher price, we have news for you.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that the initial cost of the lightbulbs won’t pay off in the long run. A CFL bulb will save around $40 in energy savings before it burns out.

As an added bonus, replacing your regular bulbs to emergency saving ones will also make you realize just how many lights you have in your house. Often, we can be careless with our light usage if we aren’t conscious of just how much we are using.

Being more conscious of how often you use your lights (as well as turning them off when you aren’t using them, as we ran through in Tip #1) will make a considerable difference to your monthly bill.

3. Invest in an Electric Fireplace

When winter rolls around, you can expect your electricity bills to spike. This is a particular concern if the heating system you’re using isn’t energy-efficient. Many of us rely on older heating systems which sap considerable amounts of energy.

It may be tempting to keep using traditional heating systems to save on buying a new one. But like energy saving light bulbs, you’ll be able to keep more money in your wallet after you make the swap.

One unique energy-efficient heating system to consider is an electric fireplace. There are many models of electric fireplace to choose from, including a variety of energy-efficient options. Look for energy-efficient LED offerings, which apart from being cost-saving also offer safety as they are cool to the touch.

What’s more, they are far more aesthetically pleasing than the average heater, so it’s really a win-win situation for your savings and your home decor.

4. Turn Down Your Thermostat

Speaking of heating, turning down your thermostat is a surefire way to cut down on your energy bills. It may sound also too big of a difference to seem true, but by turning your thermostat back 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting, you can save up to a whopping 10% off your annual energy bill.

Yes, by performing this straightforward action, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Just imagine what you could do with that extra money!

A holiday? An upgrade on your car? Paying off part of your home loan? Once you consider all of those possibilities, there’s little excuse not to try out this money-saving hack.

Trust us, you’ll hardly notice the difference to the room temperature, but you certainly will to your wallet! 

Final Thoughts

We’re a creature of habit and with regular practice, you too will adapt to these changes. If you know any other handy tips, please don’t forget to share them with us!

Happy savings!

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