6 Ways To Identify A Knock-Offs vs. The Original Gadget

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When it comes to gadgets, the market is flooded with duplicates and copycat products, especially with the worldwide market being so easily accessible via online shopping. There are times when the fakes are so well made that it’s hard to distinguish from the original.

However small, the knock-offs always have some inconstancies that make them distinguishable from the original product.

We at FeedFond have a few tips that will help you recognize the fakes before dishing out your hard-earned money.

#1 Always check the packaging


The original manufacturer will always ensure that not only their product but the packaging is top-notch. They take care of design details and ensure the product inside is secured. Many boxes contain meticulous instructions and labeling. Rest assured, the fakes won’t have that kind of perfection.

#2 Look at the user manual carefully

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The user manual is an important addition accompanying all gadgets and devices. It contains all the information you need to operate the device. If the language is illegible, not native to your country or not in English, chances are it’s a smuggled device or a brand copycat.

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#3 Notice the quality of the material


Brand names ensure consumers get the best possible quality for the price they are paying. They don’t mess around with cheap materials. So, it doesn’t matter if the product is made of plastic, rubber, aluminum or wood. They remove imperfections to make the product visually aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Fakes are usually made from low-quality materials which have irregular surfaces and inconsistent coloring.

#4 Compare the fonts


A logo represents a company’s brand, it’s the way in which a company is recognized by the masses. A brand name company will always ensure their logo gets special attention. The product manufactured will always have some form of their original logo and they are made smooth, easy-to-read, and durable. Knock-offs will skimp on the details, cut corners and be sloppy. In fact, they may even get the name of the brand wrong!

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#5 Check the charger


A charger is one of the most important parts of any electronic device. The manufacturing company always adjusts the charger to offer appropriate voltage for the country it’s being sold to. If you are asked to buy an adapter or a separate charger, there’s a greater likelihood that the product is fake.

#6 Pay attention to details


Original brands pay meticulous attention to the details—it may vary from wires and symbols and markings on the product, to how efficient and fitting the accessories are to the product provided. If anything is loose or put together with odd angles, it a sure sign of a counterfeit product.

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