Weimaraners Take Care of Their Newborn Human Brother

“Frame the Weim” and his brother waited patiently for 9 months for their human brother to be born. These Weimaraner pooches prove once again that dogs really are man’s best friend.

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Frame was fully aware of the growing tummy of his human mummy. He would snuggle up to her tummy and get an early start on creating a lifelong bond with his soon-to-be-born brother.

The wait is over


Mummy helped the Weimaraners get used to the newborn’s smell by bringing his blanket from the hospital and letting them sniff it. When the little human brother finally arrived home, the pooches were ready to welcome him.


Growing up

As the little boy grew, the Weimaraners are giving him all their love and attention.


The Weimaraners and the little boy kiss and cuddle and appear to be having the time of their lives. They are literally inseparable and spend every waking hour with each other. Frame is very protective of his little human brother and always keeps an eye on him. The baby loves tugging the Weimaraner’s ears, but it doesn’t bug them— they take it all in good stride.


If you own a Weimaraner, share your story with us in the Comments section below. Don’t forget to check out 7 Ways Weimaraners Are Unlike Other Dogs.

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